Dressing The Bump with PinkBlush Maternity

Dressing The Bump with PinkBlush Maternity

I recently had the pleasure of working with PinkBlush, an online clothing boutique that offers a range of maternity clothes and a women’s line as well. Their clothes are beautiful – florals, maxi dresses, flowy shirts, button down dresses, swimwear, special occasion dresses, jeans, and trendy pieces. The selection they offer is a blessing to us pregnant mamas, who in the throes of growing a human, often stand in our closets just staring at all the things we can no longer wear. Not only do they have a huge selection, but the quality is ahhhh….you guys… sooooo good! When I received the Ivory Floral Hi-Low Maternity Wrap Dress as a gift, the sheer weight of the dress showed how well-made it was. The fabric was thick + lined + the edges were perfectly sewn (no strings hanging everywhere – you know what I mean!) + the presentation was beautiful. But the best part was when I put it on and walked out of my bathroom on Mother’s Day. Both my husband and our little boy just lit up upon seeing me, and Luke gushed, “Mommy, you look beautiful!” The perfect fit and the feminine print made me feel beautiful too! Keep scrolling to see some other pieces I loved from them. ♡

And for fun: a crown braid!

Some other maternity pieces I loved:

Shop them here:

1. Bright Red 3/4 Lace Sleeve Maternity Top

2.Pink Off Shoulder Ruffled Dress

3. Yellow Tropical Print Off Shoulder Smocked Top

4. Black Corduroy Overalls

5. Green Ribbed One-Piece Swimsuit

6. Striped Sweetheart Button Front Dress

maternity dress from pinkblush
I love this photo of Bran and I with a 16 week baby bump. ♡

P.S. This collaboration with PinkBlush was prompted by ME! I contacted the brand to work with them because I knew their clothes were high quality, affordable, and perfect for my growing bump. So I think it goes to show that they’re a great company to shop with when bloggers are contacting them to promote their product! 👍




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