The 4 Natural Steps We Are Taking To Conceive Baby #2

The other day, I asked people on my Instagram to recommend some blog posts – things they were interested in or would like to see me touch on. One of them was: What are you doing to help you conceive?

For most people they would have been taken aback at this response.  But this wasn’t a random question! I have been very open on my Instagram that Brandon and I have been trying to conceive for the past year; so instead of being annoyed or shocked at the audacity of the writer, I was very pleased to see that other people could relate to our situation! There is something about knowing you’re not alone in the struggle, that brings you a little more peace.

First off, let me say, I think our patience in this season will pay off the most.

We have learned that God’s timing is always best – and in that realization, comes the peace that waiting is best too. Even though, yes, it has been a personal struggle to see all the women getting pregnant around me, delivering fresh snuggly newborn babes, and getting to enjoy all the happiness that comes along with pregnancy; I know that when it is my turn, the wait will make it that much sweeter.

So, for anyone that is trying to get pregnant – your patience will keep you stress free, and less stress creates a better environment for creating and carrying a child. Whatever you have to do, keep your mind clear! Whether it’s yoga, a relaxing hobby, staying organized and tracking your ovulation, or your faith; know that what is designed for you, will come to you! For me, praying and knowing that God’s plan is more important than mine, has sustained me. And when I pray, I don’t ask for a baby. I ask for God’s will. Maybe he doesn’t want us to have another baby? And that’s fine too. At that point, I would look into adoption. But anyways, now I’m rambling.

Trying to conceive, tips for conceiving

Let’s take a look at what my hubby and I are doing to help us conceive:

1.) Having sex every other day.

  • This might be TMI, but it kind of goes along with the territory. LOL I know my strengths – and tracking my ovulation, taking tests, writing down basal temperatures, and all the organization that comes with trying to pinpoint that egg, is not my strong suit. So we decided a few months ago (8 months into trying) that we would do it every other day to ensure that we didn’t miss that little ovulation window! I also had my mom’s friend tell me that if you want to conceive a girl, you do it every other day. Take that for whatever you think it’s worth! šŸ˜† But more than anything, have fun! If we miss a day it’s no big deal.
  • 2.) A product called, Pre-Seed.
    • I saw an instagrammer advertising this product called Pre-Seed, and was curious about it. She said that she got pregnant the first month of using it and then prompted everyone to go read the Amazon reviews. YOU GUYS! The reviews are crazy! Go read them! Everyone says they got pregnant in the first or second month of using this product. I think it’s because a lot of women have unbalanced Ph down there – and this helps to create a perfect environment for sperm to swim to the gooooooooal! We’ve been using it for the past month. Hopefully, I’ll get to write my own review soon!
  • 3.) Chiropractic adjustments.
    • I can’t say if this works or not, but I’m trying it. I went to the chiropractor for the first time a few months ago and on the initial paperwork it asks if you’re pregnant. I wrote “no” but told the doc that we were trying. He said that chiropractic adjustments can help with conceiving!! They align your body and nervous system, help with hormones, and take pressure off of a specific nerve in your back that is connected to your reproductive organs. The American Pregnancy Association corroborates this claim from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. I figured it couldn’t hurt so I get adjusted once a month during the week I ovulate (I guesstimate that is a week after my period – because like I said before, I don’t track my cycle).
  • 4.) Essential oils.
    • My brother and sister-in-law have two kids who were conceived using fertility treatments. You’re probably asking yourself, why are you telling me this? It will make sense – stick with me! My sister-in-law recently informed us all that she was pregnant – 9 months after delivering her second child. She had conceived without the use of fertility drugs! One day, she came up to me and handed me an essential oil blend, Progessence Plus, that she got from Young Living. She told me that she had been using it every night to help balance her hormones, and voila, baby number 3 was conceived. So, again, I figured this couldn’t hurt and I’ve been using this blend, rolled on the back of my neck, for the past few months. I use it about every other day because I’m forgetful, but it is in my conception toolbox, and therefore, one of my natural ways to improve fertility.

    So, there you have it.

    These aren’t groundbreaking ideas but they are the ways we are improving our chances. If anyone has any questions or is going through the same thing – feel free to comment or message me on Instagram! I’m an open book and love to talk with people about life. Like I mentioned, I know that what is for us, will not miss us, so we will be happy when and if that baby comes! In the meantime, we are enjoying our little family of three:

    Sending you lots of baby making good vibes!!!!


    xoxoxo, Amy


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