valentine's outfit casual

Valentine’s Ready! What I’m Wearing + How We Are Celebrating

valentine's outfit casual

What I’m Wearing:

I found the perfect outfit for V-Day day! I will be lounging around anticipating 4pm (when Bran gets off of work) and hanging with my mini Valentine in this hearted crop top. I paired it with some high waisted curvy-skinny-jeans from Levi’s (best skinny jeans for curvy hips IMO), cozy boot socks, boots, and a red skinny belt. I also threw my hair into a top knot in the middle of the snowy forest…but on the actual day I will most likely curl it. What festive-ness are you wearing during the daytime valentine hours?? I have no clue what I’ll wear in the evening. But since we don’t do a fancy dinner (we save that for our anni), I’ll probably just wear the same shirt with a black skirt at night too!

Valentine's Day outfit

How We Are Celebrating:

Valentine’s Day is kind of tricky in our house. You see, our anniversary is on the 10th and my birthday is on the 15th; so you can imagine just how expensive that week can get! In order to still make the holiday feel special, we will do a small gift or something homemade. This year, and every prior year for the past 3 years, I’ve asked for a love letter – either for V Day or our anniversary. #hopelessromantic And, yes, I asked. Sometimes you have to know what you want and ask for it. Husbands cannot read our minds! LOL

Anyways, Bran is not great with words, or expressing himself through words, so I can understand that it will have taken him 3 years to get a genuine love letter on paper. But he promised this year he was going to make it happen! I’M SO EXCITED!! So, we will see! He doesn’t know this, but I plan to take pieces of it and get a wooden sign made for above our bed. I’ve written him plenty of love letters and poems so finding some words of mine won’t be hard.

Besides little gifts, we usually get dinner together and then end the night with some…well, you know. HAHA!

On another note, I saw the cutest idea for little V-Day presents for your family. Get a cardboard box (Amazon), cut out a cardstock pink or red heart, fill the box with little Valentines trinkets/chocolates/cards, and tie a ribbon around it. The presentation is beautiful and having one for each of your kiddos to wake up to in the morning would make it extra special. I’m going to make one for Luke this year. My inspiration came from @c.b._designs on IG!

Valentine's table, Valentine's decor, Valentine's gift
Photo credit: @c.b._designs

Just take time to soak in all the LOVE! Do not dwell on the commercial aspect, don’t think about people saying it’s a “Hallmark holiday”, but instead sit for a moment and feel the energy and the love that surrounds you. Let it envelope you in warmth and goodness – and use the day, if anything, to tell someone that you love them.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

xoxoxoxo, Amy


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