I see you, Mama.

I see you, Mama.
Doing everything you can for your children.
Making sure they’re built up with words and healthy food and good manners.
So they grow to be strong and confident and well adjusted.
I see you telling them to take deep breaths when they’re overtired and you’re undercaffeinated.
I see you holding one; on top of your belly, that grows another one.
I notice the kissed scrapes, the hair pushed out of their eyes, the imaginary foes you fight.
I see their face light up at you, the tickles and games, their squeals of delight.
I see your wide hips going down the playground slide, and the millionth song on your car ride.
I see the plank that holds 100 POUNDS, your back about to break.
But the smiles, the I loves you’s, those precious knee hugs, are at stake.
I see you tired and loved and emptied and filled up.
I see it in your face.
To every good parent I want to say;
because it makes the future a better place.


I see you amazing dads, too. You are invaluable.

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