Simple Joy: Family Snow Day Sledding in Northern Arizona.

It’s A Family Affair:

Our fam drove 2.5 hours in a northerly direction to Flagstaff, Arizona in search of snowfall. It seemed that most of Phoenix came with us because there were so many people at the ski/snowboarding slopes (Snowbowl) they were turning people away after the first hour or so of being open. So with our little caravan of 4 families – my mom, my sis and her family, my brother and his family, and us – we pulled onto the side of the road and claimed a little bunny slope. I think this was the most fun I’ve had in the snow! The kids – 4 under 5 years old – just made the whole day that much sweeter. Their joy and amazement and freedom was so infectious!! Between the snowball fights and sledding, building a snowman, and snow angels; their rosy cheeks were smiling wide the entire time.

Luke even took the sled off of a little jump that Brandon made, his hands coming off the steering wheel and his feet catching him from tumbling backwards. He is fearless because after almost falling, he cheered “I did it! I won!” and jumped right back on.

After we were all snowed out we went to a cheeseburger place called BunHuggers, and then all piled into a tiny hotel room to get ready for a surprise party.


Simple Joy:

These are the days I live for. Days that are full of life and loved ones, breathing in the fresh air, the kids running around laughing and playing, while the adults run around laughing and playing too. Days where you collapse into bed because you’ve had so many good times you’re now ready for relaxation, thawing out by the heater, and eating ice cream in your jammies. Days when your little babe drifts into dreamland the second he lays down because his day was full of adventure. Days when Luke randomly, feeling so content and happy, says, “Daddy, you’re my hero” and “Mommy, I love you so much”. Days where the playtime is healthy and simple and free.

I love being Luke’s mother and Bran’s wife. Life is so much sweeter when you’re watching your little one experience the world through his lens of innocence, while holding the hand of your lover.











xoxoxo, Amy

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