Christmas Memories 2018

I love preserving memories through photos and videos. My camera roll in my phone has about 10,000 pictures and videos at all times because I use it as a running highlight of most days. Of course, Christmas is one of those times where we pay close attention to the small details and smiles and moments of joy!! Luke opening presents was one of the best things to witness – he was so full of excitement and wonder. He kept exclaiming how amazing everything was – even the $2 stocking stuffers from Walmart.


Some of my favorite memories from the day:

  1. If you asked Luke what Christmas was about he would say Jesus or Jesus’ birthday. It never got old! Sometimes he would say Santa too. LOL
  2. He would exclaim how awesome the gift was before he even got all the wrapping paper off.
  3. Waking up Christmas morning and opening up our stockings, drinking coffee, and having it just be the three of us enjoying a slow morning.
  4. The candlelight Christmas Eve church service. Luke was such a good boy the whole time and when we lit the candle and sang Silent Night he was enthralled with the light. It was beautiful! He was also really tired so he just observed everything before crashing in the car on the way home. I love those quiet moments where everything feels peaceful.
  5. My dad opening the machete we bought him to use on his ranch. It was so unexpected and ironic since a machete is an odd gift to find for Christmas! Last year my dad got 5 sweaters, so this was a practical gag gift for the guy who never wants anything.
  6. Giving. I won’t go into detail but we got the opportunity to give to people who truly needed it this Christmas and it had me in tears with what a beautiful, heart-fulfilling experience it was.
  7. The games we played with our families. I love games! We played White Elephant, the saran wrap ball game, a revised/more exciting version of White Elephant, cards, poker…games are fun and bring everyone together!
  8. Luke’s reaction to opening his skateboard on Christmas morning even though he has no idea how to ride one.











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