How-To Hairstyle: Side-Swept Fishtail Braid

I remember watching an Amber Fillerup tutorial yearsssss ago on how to do the dutch fishtail braid I saw in one of her photos. It was so beautiful and full but also a bit daunting because. guys. it’s hard. But only the first time was hard. After a few practices, it became a lot easier. (P.S. If you want super easy, I posted a tutorial on how to fake a dutch fishtail braid on my Instagram.) But since it is one of my go-to styles when I’m in a hurry or needing an impressive hairdo with inclement weather, I knew I couldn’t leave out the side-swept dutch fishtail braid from my IG hairstyle lineup.

So here’s a breakdown on how to achieve this Disney-princess-esque braid; and as always with hair posts, I will link a Youtube tutorial at the end for the visual learners.

Side-Swept Dutch Fishtail Braid How-To:

  1. Start by sweeping all your hair over one shoulder. If you have a middle part, change it to a side part for this braid.
  2. Starting at the side part, take two pieces of hair closest to your forehead and begin a fishtail braid. A fishtail braid consists of grabbing hair from the outside of one piece and crossing it over to the other piece. Always grab hair from the outside and pass over.
  3. After you do a few regular fishtail plaits, start adding in more pieces of hair (outside of the ones you’re already holding) to the sections your grabbing and crossing. This creates the dutch style where you’re incorporating more hair into the sections you’re holding.
  4. Work your way down  the side of your face, making sure to pull the braid forward as you go. This keeps the braid close to the front/side instead of the middle/side. Trust me it looks better this way!
  5. Once you get to the bottom, leave about 3 inches of hair unbraided at the end. Tie with an elastic.
  6. Holding the bottom, begin to pull the braid apart with your fingers creating a thick, full look. This makes the braid look really impressive! Also, this is why you left a few inches out at the bottom – so when you start pulling it apart, there is enough extra hair to allow for it.
  7. Secure the back of your hair with a bobby pin since pulling it apart can loosen the style.
  8. Be sure to pull the loops of the braid all the way to the top so it doesn’t look uneven or imbalanced.
  9. Voila!! You’re done! If it doesn’t look perfect the first or second time, keep practicing. This is one braid that requires you to know how to juggle holding and adding and crossing the hair properly.

**If you’re a visual learner and those instructions were nothing but confusing, go HERE for a Youtube tutorial!**

If you attempt it, post a photo and tag me on Instagram! I LOVE seeing your braids!

Go here to check out a dutch crown braid. It’s one of my favorites!



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