God: The First Scientist


I’ll never understand how some people can say there is no God. Question him, yes; but believe he doesn’t exist at all? I can’t fathom it. I often find that if people don’t believe in God, they believe in science. What is science? It’s man’s way of understanding how things work, why certain processes take place, and how to replicate those things. But here is where I struggle. If science is a manmade concept, manmade word, and manmade idea – then how does that disprove God? Doesn’t it prove God all the more? That man has to create an ideology, a study, a reason to understand what GOD has already done.


Think of it this way:

God was the first scientist. That one sentence puts the whole debate into perspective. You think it’s by happenstance or atoms combusting in space that mothers produce the perfect fat-laden, illness fighting milk for their young, that there are perfect weather patterns and plant life circles (trees grow, they fall down, moss and other organisms break them down, tree turns to mulch, process repeats), that the inside of the stem of a water lily is geometric perfection (seriously look at one it’s crazy), that our bodies take a sperm and a seed and grow a human being to think and love and sacrifice, that there are perfect cycles for everything (waste, food chain, revolutions around the sun), that our bodies have an immune system that can be strengthened by food and exercise and illness, that the sun rises and sets and is replaced by the moon in the sky, that we are the only known planet that supports life.

There are a billion more awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, perspective shifting instances that I can’t even name. How is the universe full of planets and stars and places that are so far away it would take our life span and the life span of 10 generations to reach, just the product of a large bang? It’s absurd to me to think that. The universe is vast and uncharted and a place that invokes more questions than answers; and among that universe that we cannot see nor venture to, is God loving his creation from afar. (Not that we can blame Him, because we as a people chose free will.) He is at the helm; all knowing, and in the blink of an eye can take whole processes and perfect them in harmony – as to create an environment that thrives over and over again.


Everything we know about the world, it’s processes, the life it sustains, and how that life sustains itself is only because we are studying what God created. We are studying the original scientist and because His ways are good and perfect, we fall short in our replicas. We certainly try though – and for that, it is miraculous – but we mustn’t forget who gave us the ability to create, to think, to dream.

If this is a concept that you struggle with; venture out of the manmade city, the structures that man forged and the technology that man built, and into nature. Marvel at the sheer size of pine trees in the temperate rainforest. Watch a hawk sight and scoop a fish out of the lake. Hold a newborn in your arms who only moments before was floating in fluid inside it’s mother. See the Grand Canyon and imagine the simplicity of water carving it out. Stare out into the vastness of the ocean. Look through a telescope as white blood cells attack an illness. In doing so, I hope you feel really small so that God can feel very big. The fact that we can measure seismic activity, predict weather, fly from one side of the world to the other, create large buildings that withstand earthquakes, help people extend their life, and build computers that think a million times faster than us, they are still nothing compared to what God has been doing since the beginning of time.

Science was not first. A big bang in outer space was not first. Man was not first. All of these ideas are only second best to the original everything: God.

What do you think?

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