Crop Tops + High Waisted Jeans (For mamas too)

There have been a lot of great duos throughout the modern world – peanut butter and jelly, Sonny and Cher, Ryan and Blake, Netflix and chill – but one of my favorites in the fashion world is the crop top + high-waisted pant. There is just something about it that makes you feel sexy, yet playful, yet feminine. This set I wore to a Christmas light parade with the family, and since it was chilly outside, I wore a tank top underneath. We will see how brave I am in the spring to wear it without the tank and that little sliver of belly and ribs showing.


–There’s only one slight problem with this crop top – I have large boobs so if I lift my arms up, my bra shows out the bottom of the shirt. LOL So maybe a tank top is a better idea with this cut. If you don’t have large boobs, you should be fine to wear it as a crop without anything underneath.–

Now, you might not believe me, but I think this set is PERFECT FOR MAMAS! I know I know, midriff-bearing is not really on the mommy outfit lineup but let me explain…The high rise of the jeans hold in the mom pooch – the one our babies so kindly bless us with after our stretched skin is never as tight as it was before them – plus, high rise doesn’t show stretch marks either. (Unless you want to show your stretch marks – by all means, I think you’re awesome!) There is just a hint of skin showing around the ribs so it’s the best kind of sexy modest. Is that a thing? Anyways, it makes you feel young and freeeeee, which is exactly what mamas need sometimes. Can we say, date night?! I bet your hubby would love you in a crop top.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite crops and pants from ASOS if you’d like to get a set for yourself:


1.) Floral Top + Light-Wash Jeans:

Perfect for a date night or casual day! I love how high the pants are to suck and hold everything in paired with the those feminine bubble sleeves and micro floral print.

2.) Oversized Sequin Top + Black Jeggings

This is my kind of outfit. Romantic and pretty with the sequined top, paired with black jeggings. Dress it up with some heels and a coat or dress it down with booties or loafers. Also, totally approriate for New Years Eve!

3.) Puffed Sleeve Crop + White Jeans

I need this top ASAP! How beautiful and romantic does it look? It is the perfect pairing of high fashion couture with the everyday girl in mind. Did I say I need it? I love it paired with white jeans – it looks cool and sweet and crisp. The crop length is also nice because it can almost tuck completely into the pants. I would wear this on a date night, a friend’s birthday, a baby or wedding shower, pretty much anything!

4.) Black Long Sleeve Crop + Super High Buttoned Jeans

Basicssssss!! Basics are your wardrobe’s best friend! This black long sleeve crop top is the perfect addition to any woman’s closet because you can use it as a plain top, under overalls or a spaghetti strapped dress, under a coat or tucked into a skirt, with high waisted pants…endless possibilities! And, these jeans are way too cool. Like I want them just because the model looks really cool wearing them. I love the 60s vibes. Plus, they’re high enough that you probably wouldn’t show any skin if you wore them with a crop top.

Think you’d rock a set?



I love these shots we snapped at sunset. Arizona is constantly showing off with beautiful displays of color at sunset – I think we have some of the best sunsets in the world! When we were taking these photos, Luke was in the car only a few feet away and he kept begging us to get out. We didn’t take him out because we were only snapping a photo for about 3 minutes, but it’s so fun that he constantly wants to be right there involved in everything with us. Are your little ones like that? I remember from that night, when I put on this outfit and the red lip, he looked at me and said, “Mommy, you look beautiful!” Ahhh kids are heart melting!


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