Do blue-light-blocking glasses work? I tried some from VanLinker Eyewear.

I recently partnered with Vanlinker Eyewear to collaborate on a post about their blue-light-blocking glasses. They are used to reduce the bright blue-light that is emitted from electronics – computers, cell phones, TV, video games – in an effort to reduce eye strain and disrupted sleep patterns. I quickly said yes to working together because even if the blue-light blocking aspect didn’t work – perhaps it was all hype? I thought – at least the frames were fashionable and super cute!


Once I got them, I wore them all day for the next few days. They not only helped hide the no makeup face on some days, but since I was on my phone throughout the day, also helped keep the glare down. (I even noticed that they desaturated the blue sky. When I looked through the glasses, the sky was dimmer and had a slight beige tint.) But the best way I knew that the glasses were helping my eyes, was at night when I’d blog, scroll, or watch Netflix on my phone. Usually, I would get a headache and have a hard time falling asleep because I was looking at the screen in a dark room for a few hours; but when I wore the glasses I found that I could fall asleep way faster. So now, they’re on my bedside table because I spend the most time on electronics at nighttime. Also, the blue-light blocking glasses are proven to work best at night to reduce a disruption in your sleep pattern. See this article by an opthamologist!

Go HERE to purchase your own pair. Don’t forget to use the discount code AMYTHELK for 30% off.


So, all in all, if you’re on the computer or playing video games or using social media for an extended period of time, you need to invest in some blue-light blocking glasses! It can help save you from headaches (along with focusing on something far away every few hours), and being able to fall asleep within a normal timeframe! Plus, I love that these ones are fashionable!


Other things to mention:

1.) The packaging was professional¬†and sturdy, unlike some other brands who send their things in cheap plastic. The box had a slide out complete with glasses bags and lens cleaners. I’m a sucker for good packaging!

2.) They’re on Amazon Prime!! So you receive the glasses in a few days.

3.) I have a discount code for my followers and blog readers. Use AMYTHELK at checkout for 30% off!

I hope you love them too!


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