turning summer maxi dresses into winter maxi dresses.

Mamas! Let’s admit that we don’t like spending much money on ourselves! I mean every time I go to the store, I usually end up getting more stuff for Luke than I do for myself. So with the limited shopping funds, that usually get willingly dispersed to the children, I wanted to show you how to take your summer maxi dresses and re-wear them in the colder weather!

It’s so simple!

Just add booties and a jacket.

And leggings/long-johns if it’s really cold. Add a scarf, an undershirt, and a cardigan under your jacket too!

Along with some other options:

  • Denim jacket with sneakers or converse
  • Long trench coat with heeled boots
  • Chunky sweater with booties

I love the versatility and watching not only my money but my closet go further!!

Shop the look: similar Maxi, Jacket, Booties, Sunnies

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
I was joking with Brandon that these were my essentials. My phone and sweets.
A little coffee shop we shot at had these handmade cactus macaroons.@Axiom

I had a friend mention that I should write a simple style guide ebook and now she’s got me thinking!

I’m sure it would include:

  • a checklist for closet essentials
  • pieces (like maxi dresses) that make your closet go further
  • outfit ideas for different events
  • what to wear for your body shape
  • different ways to accessorize without spending a lot of money
  • how to transition from day to night
  • how to keep up on the latest trends
  • along with personal topics close to my heart like body positivity, empowering women, creating a community instead of isolation, and tips to make the getting ready process faster!

What do you think? Is that something you’d purchase for a download?

ttyl guys!




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