Get up. get ready. slay your day.

One thing that has been on my mind lately is women who loved to do little things for themselves before becoming mothers, like getting ready in the morning or painting their nails, no longer make it a priority after having kids. And I think more than anything, we argue with ourselves, but my priorities have changed. Yes. Your priorities are different – what was once important to you is now seen through the joyous exhaustion that is motherhood. You may say,  If it means getting up early, forcing them to play independently, or even making a mess, I’m not interested..

But friend, what if it made you smile.

What if it lit up your face? And your lit up face lit up your baby’s face? Your husband’s face? How beautiful is it to spend those few minutes going from pajamas to jeans or sweats to a dress. Heck, there are even dresses that are so loose and flowy, they feel like pajamas! I think it would make a big difference in how you approached your day, how you handled stress, and how you loved your loved ones. 

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His pouty face is because Brandon wouldn’t let him play with the camera. He loves pushing the buttons and taking the photos!

In this space, I hope to encourage you – not make you feel inferior –  but pour love and inspiration into your heart. Your heart, which gives everyone else an abundance of love but sometimes neglects it for itself. It’s OK to let your child watch some TV so you can do your hair, take a shower, put on some makeup or perfume. It’s OK to buy a new blouse or that pair of shoes you love because the little boost that comes with feeling beautiful makes you feel good. It’s OK to get a new wardrobe in a bigger size because your body is allowed to change and grow.

Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful – and I use the word beautiful because I think that is a reflection of your heart as well – do that.

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Personally, I am a much better mother and wife when I look my best. Because that helps me feel my best. On days that I don’t get ready, I don’t face the day with as much confidence; in the same way, I wouldn’t feel prepared to speak in front of a room full of people without having practiced what I want to say. When I don’t get ready, I also feel this cosmic pull towards my bed and sleep and laziness. Ya feel me?! I have enough sleepy feelings as it is – I don’t need more! So changing out of pj’s, putting on some makeup, and doing my hair signals my mind that we are up, we are ready, and we are going to slay the day!

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Shop the look: Similar Top, Pants, Shoes, Similar Lightweight Scarf, Watch

So, with that, I hope this space is helpful to you to find simple outfit inspiration, ways to do your hair, styling tips, transitioning your clothes from season to season, and a whole lot of love from a little mama in Arizona. I truly believe that when women feel their best (mentally and physically), amazing things happen in their homes and in the spaces that they inhabit! You are a bright light!



Side note: You don’t like makeup? That’s 100% perfectly fine – I wish I liked no makeup! I only mean to say that your dress and overall cleanly appearance can make a world of difference in your day to day life – even if that day to day includes you and a baby and never leaving your house! I’ve been there!


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