Overall-Jumpsuit (+Fear Is A Liar)

Ok. We’re all friends here, so let me tell you a little secret.
I was self-conscious to go out and shoot in this outfit.
I had been envisioning this look for the past three weeks and was really excited to finally wear it.
So when I was changing in the car, I looked up at Bran watching me and said, “you’re going to love this one.” BUT, when I got out of the car, what I hadn’t expected was…
People stared. And I could feel myself start to shrink back into the open car door.
“Looking different is going to attract too much attention,” I thought.
But then another thought quickly followed, “Nope. I like it and that’s that.” *insert hair flip*


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Overall-Jumpsuit // Newsboy Hat // Similar T-Shirt // Similar Boots

So, I rolled my shoulders back, lifted my chin, and looked right past them.
We took our pics, onlookers and all.
And guess what happened!
Nothing. People looked, and then they looked away. They said hi or smiled when we walked by. Totally normal.
You guys. FEAR IS A LIAR.
It was all in my mind. The feeling of vulnerability, people’s judgements, whatever. It was all in my mind!
All of those people you think are judging your actions, your “extra” outfit, the passions you want to pursue, the bikini you’re wearing, the business you want to start, the book you want to write, the leap you want to take. They’re not. They’re absolutely not. If anything, they’re curious and/or impressed by your confidence.
So take the leap. Start the business. Wear the bikini. Step out of your shell.
And if they do say anything, just roll your shoulders back, smile and say, “I like it and that’s that.”
Step out in confidence today knowing IF GOD IS FOR YOU, who can be against you?









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