My New Favorite Accessory – A Custom iPhone Case with CaseApp

Ya’ll. I’m obsessed with photos. To me, they’re like little time capsules that capture a mood, a moment, a feeling. I can remember a day or event by looking at a picture and transport myself back to the occasion. So, it was a natural choice for me when CaseApp contacted me about collaborating, to choose to design a custom photo case. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create my own custom iPhone case on their website and the quality when it finally arrived!

(Side note:They have Samsung and Google phone cases as well.)

Use the code: AMYTHEPRO20 for 20% off!

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When people see my phone case now, they are blown away at the overall uniqueness. The iPhone photos are just as clear and colorful as the photos shot on my DSLR camera. How amazing is that! So if you predominantly shoot your family pics with your phone, you should still get amazing resolution on your phone case.

The shell is sturdy but flexible with a soft, matte finish. I love that it isn’t overly glossy or shiny, which can look cheap, but rather matte and professional looking. I was also able to hand design how the photos would be laid out and look the most aesthetically pleasing before purchasing. As far as protection goes, I have had the case for over a week and dropped it once. My phone is perfectly fine and the shell doesn’t have any scuff or scratch marks! I’d call that a win! But if you want to be really careful, they have an Extra Protection Tough Case option too.

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All in all, I am very impressed with CaseApp and their products, the overall experience on their website, and the quality of the photo printing!

Now I have all of my favorite shots in the palm of my hand.

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If you don’t want a photo case, you can upload an image of your choice (like a business logo) or choose from hundreds of pre-made designs (which you can add text or an image to as well). They also have laptop skins!! I seriously love this company!

Here are some cases I’m loving:


Christmas // Pink & Marble // Oh, Yes.  // Book of Flowers // Cactus Rose // Peace Please

Use the code: AMYTHEPRO20 for 20% off!

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So cool, right!?




*This post is sponsored by CaseApp. Thank you, CaseApp!*









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