3 Tips To Nail Fashion Trends (Without Being Wasteful Or Spending A Lot Of Money)

In fashion, every year or season comes with new trends. Oftentimes these trends come from large fashion houses, influential bloggers, or celebrities. And of these three categories, 100% of them have the money to completely redo their wardrobe every year. But for people like me, and you, who love style and being fashion forward, we ain’t about spending a fortune to keep up. Am I right?

So here are a few tips on how to be trendy without spending more than $50-$100 every year – or every 6 months if you’re like me [and like to shop].

Tip #1: Buy trendy accessories.

Hats. Shoes. Glasses. Coats. Scarves. Jewelry.

In this season (fall/winter 2018); berets, conductor hats, old man sneakers (no thanks), loafers, mini glasses and oversized readers, large costume-style jewelry, initial necklaces, wool coats, 70s inspired pieces, plaid, and leopard are trending.

When I was at Target last week, I picked up a beret, some leopard slip on shoes, and a conductor hat all for $40. So, in buying a few accessories instead of completely new outfits I saved myself some coin. You get the point!

Tip #2: Basics take you further.

This one is pretty self explanatory but let’s break it down anyways.
When you purchase basics from any given season – or even better – reuse basics from previous seasons, your wardrobe not only becomes more versatile but also classically affordable. For example, back around 2010, neon was huge. Every girl had a neon blouse – usually pink – with dark wash jeans and a white undershirt. Neon is not back. Yet. But I bet all of the girls who participated in that trend have since donated those flowy, polyester, static-y blouses. I’ll confess, I did hold onto mine a little too long. LOL

Now, the older I get – almost 30 for those wondering – the more attracted I am to neutral, natural colors in trendy styles. Like this pair of black oversized overalls that will look good gardening, running errands, or date night. I can see this piece lasting through the next 5 years’ worth of trends where all I have to do is use accessories to make it look fresh.

[Side note: It must be funny to be a man and watch women go through fashion trends. Like one year I’m going to be a highlighter and the next I will look like I stepped out of a 1970s catalog. God bless them for loving us through it all! Anyone remember those Greek goddess style headbands?]

Tip #3: Re-evaluate your accessories every 5 years.

This might sound like a long time to be holding onto things BUT if you’re buying new  accessories here and there throughout the year, your collection shouldn’t be that big. I just purged some Coach sunglasses in that oversized square shape that I’ve had since 2009? 2010? I was also overdue in saying buh-bye to a floral headband, thick wedged flip flops, and a necklace full of rhinestones. But what’s even better? Investing in styles that are classic and have fashion longevity. Then you may never have to purge.

Classically styled accessories include simple, dainty jewelry, jewelry that is made from precious metals or stones, pieces with your initials or religion, hats in styles that have been around for ages, boots, flats, simple heels, and handbags in neutral/natural colors.

I don’t like to be wasteful, so when it comes to accessories, I always have longevity in mind. Like the maroon beret I just bought. Berets have been around for years so I know the style and color won’t be a trend I will cringe about later. And the leopard slip-on sneakers? Leopard is considered a neutral these days so I think I will get more than 5 years out of them.

How do you guys feel about fashion trends?

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