5 Fall Outfits for When It’s Not Even Cold Out

Arizona-living definitely keeps us all in shorts and sandals for a lot longer than the rest of the country (except Florida, southern Texas, and southern California residents); but with the sunny-and75-degree days, I’m not sure that I’m actually complaining. However, I do have a whole section of my closet – and about 15 winter coats – that I’d like to wear for more than 2 months each year. So in the spirit of not having any blistery weather inspired style posts, here are 5 fall-time outfits for when it’s not even cold outside (insert side-eye 😒):

1.) Rolled Jeans with a LIGHT Cardigan

Shop the look: Jeans, Cardigan, Booties, Tank, Purse, Watch

2.) Shorts and Booties

Shop the look: Shorts, Top, Purse, Booties

3.) High Waisted with an OTSB (off the shoulder bodysuit)

Shop the look: Bodysuit, Jeans, Belt, Sandals

4.) Summer Dress + T-Shirt

Shop the look: Dress, T-Shirt, Sandals, Hat

5.) Maxi with Booties

Shop the look: Dress, Booties

Dear God, I know I always complain when it’s cold, but could we get some lower temps so my winter clothes don’t start deteriorating from under-use. Thanks! Amen.



2 thoughts on “5 Fall Outfits for When It’s Not Even Cold Out

    1. Right!! Haha and if I went to the chilly weather I’d be freezing! Be careful what you wish for! 😄 But thank you, Rachel, for the love! ❤️❤️


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