How-To Hairstyle: Crown Braid


I had someone ask me the other day, “how did you get so good at hair?” And I answered, “I never realized I did my hair any better than anyone else.” LOL Honestly, before I started posting my braids on social media, I didn’t realize a lot of other women couldn’t do them or wanted to learn. So, in short, it has been really fun to teach or inspire other women to practice different styles and time-saving hacks!

But, to truly answer that question, I’ve always had long hair that needed styling. For the past 20 years I’ve been learning and practicing hairstyles since I learned to braid when I was in elementary school. Not to mention, my mom always braided my hair for my gymnastics and dance classes, and one week in elementary school I spent every day practicing!

Crown Braid:

For this look, I wanted to incorporate a floral element with a new take on the flower crown! I had stems of baby’s breath so I figured I would create a braided crown that could cradle the blooms. Below are written instructions, but if you scroll to the end there will be a linked Youtube tutorial for the visual learners.


  1. Put a deep part in your hair on one side 3-4 inches above your ear.
  2. Start a Dutch braid on the side that has less hair, being sure to pull the hair towards your face as you braid. This will ensure that the braid remains at your hairline creating that crown look.
  3. Continue braiding at the hairline, adding hair as you go around your head, in the shape of a crown.
  4. When you get all the way around finish the leftover hair from the deep part into a 3-strand braid. You will use this “tail” piece to finish the crown braid and make it seem as if the side with less hair is just as thick and full as the voluminous side.
  5. Lightly secure with an elastic and then spend some time pulling the loops of the braid apart. This creates that thick and full look! Be sure to pull the loops of the 3-strand-braid “tail” as well.
  6. Wrap the “tail” piece around your head to cover the side where you started the Dutch braid. Hide the end piece and the elastic under the finished braid towards your ear or the back of your head.
  7. Secure the end with bobby pins and any other parts that came loose.
  8. Pull out any pieces of hair to frame your face to give it the romantic, windswept look.


Besides practicing and playing around with different styles, I have learned most of my hairstyles from Youtube and Pinterest. My favorite hair bloggers – who also post tutorials – are Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde, Melissa Cook from Missy Sue Blog, and Angel Turner from Angel Rose Turner. Check them out!


Want to learn how to do tight curls with a pencil? Go here!

What do you think? Want to try the crown braid?

2 thoughts on “How-To Hairstyle: Crown Braid

  1. These photos are stunning 😍 Such good tips! I’ll have to try your way! I did one of these a few years ago but it was… not that prettty 😅
    Love this post darling x


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