Family Fun in Fall: 10 things to add to your Autumn bucket list

Fall is for cool days, a bursting range of oranges and reds, snuggly sweaters; and if you’re in Arizona like me, a chance to escape the heat of desert days. Arizona literally comes out of hibernation in the fall – families, runners, dog-walkers, lovers are all outside after a summer of being in air-conditioned dwellings.

To celebrate a myriad of fun opportunities in the cozy autumnal days, here is a list of 10 things to add to your fall bucket list:

  1. Pumpkin patch – this one is #1 because of its popularity. Everyone I know ventures to the patch at some point in the fall. My parents have property in northern Arizona and this year we are going to create our own faux pumpkin patch for the kids to enjoy. I can’t wait to share pics from that day! In Arizona, we like Mortimer Farms and Tolmachoff Farms!
  2. Apple picking – I’ve seen a lot of families heading to the apple orchards for all things honeycrisp. There is apple cider, apple donuts, apple pie, apple juice, and whole apples you pick from the trees. I want to find an orchard in Arizona because it looks so fun! Maybe we will visit Apple Annie’s!
  3. A bonfire – One of my favorite things is curling up in a blanket and sitting around a fire with some loved ones. You can even roast some ‘mallows while you’re there!
  4. Bake a pie – I’ve always wanted to learn how and fall is the best time of year to hone your skills. Take all those apples you picked and make some hand-pies. Then you’ll be ready for Thanksgiving!
  5. Go to the mountains – wherever you are, I can imagine there is a higher elevation. For us in Phoenix, we like to go to northern Arizona and enjoy the cool (and sometimes snowy) weather in the mountains. You can camp, fish, or hit up your favorite lodge. We actually have a trip planned this week to do just that! Also, here is an amazing little A-frame cabin I found on Airbnb!
  6. Halloween crafts – I love using holidays as the perfect excuse to do fun crafts with the kids. This year I picked up some plain wooden lawn signs/ masks from the Target dollar section that feature different Halloween scenes, like a witch or ghost. We will have the kids decorate them and also make the classic little tissue/lollipop ghosts! I love crafting!
  7. Fall photos – This one seems really basic but it’s definitely something to cross off your list in fall. The weather is perfect and the changing leaves make for the prettiest backdrop. Start planning your family outfits and book your favorite photographer so you’re ready when it’s time to make Christmas cards!
  8. Read a good book – I’ve always loved reading in the outdoors. I’ll sit in my hammock chair in my backyard and enjoy the breeze with a blanket in my lap and a good book. Right now I’m reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I love it. So grab some fiction, head outside, and find a cozy spot under a tree.
  9. Haunted house date night – Ok, so this one is for everyone else since I HATE scary stuff, but it’s the perfect time of year to indulge in a little fear factor. Plan a date night where you and your significant other either go see a scary movie or get tickets to a haunted house. Fear Farm is a Phoenix favorite! The spooky scenarios will have you two wrapped in each other’s arms!
  10. Serve others – Every season is the perfect time to do a service or volunteer project but fall is especially nice because of the holidays. Plus, the cooler weather can create issues for some impoverished or displaced families. Go ahead and grab some loved ones and head to your local soup kitchen or mission to give back to those who need us. Here is an Arizona service directory!❤️
Download this to your photos so you have the list handy! Mark off what you do!

What’s on your fall bucket list?! If you haven’t, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@amythepro) to keep up with what we’ve been doing this autumn!

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