Fall Fashion Trends for the Everyday Girl (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Let’s get real – trends come and go. And due to the ebb and flow, it is definitely not cost effective or budget friendly to go head first into each season’s must-haves. So, here’s a mini look into what styles are becoming big this season and how you can play along without hurting your pocketbook (do people say pocketbook anymore?) LOL Well, since the 70s style is back I guess pocketbook fits right in!

Shop the links below or head to your local thrift store and get searchin. There’s nothing like buyer’s remorse when you’ve overspent on that Gucci belt EVERYONE is wearing.


Holy checkers this one is everywhere. Think school uniform but in a mini-skirt adult version. With a black T and leather jacket or a cozy sweater and knee high socks – plaid is going to be so cozy for fall! On Instagram, @noelledowning provides me with all the plaid inspo! Her blog is noellesfavoritethings.com.

Plaid Skirt $20


Gingham and plaid go hand-in-hand  in my opinion but what I like about gingham is the minimalistic, classy black and white style. So take that drapes-and-home-decor favorite and wrap your body in a gingham dress with black booties, tights, and a maroon scarf.

Gingham Dress for $12


I love when spring/summer trends float their way into fall. Blush pink is really popular along with lavender! This is a perfect way to take the pieces you wore in spring and reuse them as the temps drop. Wear your lavender spaghetti strapped blouse over top of a white long sleeve top with skinny jeans and a chunky cardigan. You can also do this with summer dresses – add black tights, booties, and a wool coat!

Pastel Pink Sweater


Nowadays there are so many vegan options for leather pieces that you can get the western look without the PETA backlash. According to the fashion bloggers and fashion week, western is going to be big this season. Bust out those cowgirl boots you haven’t worn since your best friends wedding and put them to good use. Amber Fillerup – my favorite blogger babe – just wore hers with a leopard print dress.

Leather Cowgirl Boots

Mules + Thigh-Highs

Mules is a funny word for a pair of shoes but wowwwweee are they everywhere! I think they’re business meets prep-school so I love when people wear them with light-washed, ripped jeans or high-waisted skirts and a blazer! I’d say if you’re in the market for some new work shoes, snag a pair of mules and then you can wear them to drinks later that evening. Bonus is they won’t hurt your feet like heels.

Leopard Mules // Embellished Mules

I’m on the hunt for thigh-highs!! Noelle Downing shared a pair she was gifted from Nordstrom Rack and although they’re the exact ones I want, I don’t want to spend $90 on them. So, I’m on the hunt for a more affordable pair. I think they look so sexy with a mini dress or skirt and add a little bit more warmth than other shoe options. These ones (linked below the picture) from ASOS are only $22! And these ones in the picture are most likely couture because they’re on Aimee Song from @songofstyle – one of my favorite fashion bloggers!

Black Thigh- High Boots


Leopard has definitely made its rounds! I bought this sweater like 5 years ago and have worn it every 2 years or so. I don’t think animal print ever really goes out of style, but this season it is definitely a popular pattern. So all that leopard you wore back in 2008, bring it back out!


Leopard Jumper

So, there you have it: How to update your closet with a few items that are on trend this season without spending a ton! Which one is your favorite?

xo, Amy

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