Vacation Style – Fall in Seattle (+ a packing guide)

Vacation Style – Fall in Seattle

There is no such thing as fall in Phoenix so when we went to Seattle at the beginning of September, I was excited to wear some of my clothes that have been stored away since last December. We had never been to Seattle so I was planning on packing warm and dry. It’s a good thing I did because we got days full of sunshine, clouds, rain, and fog!

I’ve been on a lot of trips in my life and at this point, my packing habits are improving from bring everything! to bring what you need. LOL! In order to do that, I plan out my outfits beforehand. It saves a lot of time and money because I’m no longer stressing trying to choose what to wear and we don’t have to pay extra for a suitcase over $50.

Pack like this:

1.) Make a list of places you’re going while on vacation, along with special excursions (like being on a boat or hiking in the mountains).

2.) Start with Day 1 of your trip and build an outfit for that day. Then day 2…then 3… and so on! Lay the outfits on the floor completely styled so you can see everything you’re bringing. Try to pack neutral accessories like scarf/hats/shoes so they can interchange through different outfits.

For example, I knew we would be hiking in the mountains so I laid out some comfortable jeans with a matching heart sweater (it’s chilly and rainy in the mountains) and scarf, and my cuter pair of ked-style sneakers. I also packed a pair of tennis shoes that would match every outfit. That way, I knew what I was wearing on hiking day and it doubled as a cute outfit when we weren’t hiking.

3.) Lay each piece for the day flat on top of one another, and then roll it up like you would roll a rug. This saves you room in your luggage but also makes it easy to grab an entire outfit when you’re getting ready! I’ve also seen women put the whole outfit in a reusable Ziploc bag. I’ve also taken pictures of each outfit so you can remember which shoes you had packed for what! I did this for my mom when I packed her suitcase for a trip to Alaska and she found it helpful!

Here’s my style diary in photos, featuring my little sidekick. I’ll include links to similar items for each one.


Animal print is BIG this season so pull out all of the leopard print you’ve been holding onto!

Similar: Sweater, Leggings, Boots, Sunnies

Luke: Beanie, Shoes, Jeans


I wore this raincoat almost every day. It was warm enough when the clouds came in and kept me dry in all the drizzles.

Similar: Raincoat, Boots, Top, Jeans

Luke: Sweater, Shoes


This blanket style poncho doubled as a blanket for Luke when he took a nap. #momlife

Similar: Top, Knit Shawl, Backpack

Luke: Shirt, Pants,


I wore jeans and a sweater for hiking in the temperate rainforest. It rained almost the entire time we were there so the raincoat was necessary! I changed out of these Ked-style shoes and into sneakers for the hiking portion. I couldn’t resist a photo with this view!

Similar: Sweater, Jeans, Shoes


It was freezing cold and raining at the glacial lake so I bundled up with a beanie and scarf. This blanket scarf is HUGE and doubled as a baby sling so we could hike while holding Luke! I was so proud of myself for thinking of this. LOL

Similar: Beanie, Scarf

Luke: Raincoat



Most Seattle-ites are very comfy in the way they dress – most people wear Patagonia or similar styles with leggings, sweaters, and sneakers. So, when I walked around in a dress with tights and boots, I definitely stuck out. But I sorta loved it too – adding some flare to the streets of Seattle. Everyone loved Luke’s outfit.

Similar: Dress, Tights

Luke: Joggers, Shirt, Jean Jacket


This photo is blown out but the best we got on our last day. This was at the zoo so I dressed for comfort/casual for the airplane ride and walking around the zoo.

Similar: Sneakers, Hat, Shirt

Luke: Hat, Shirt only $3 at Hobby Lobby!), Pants

What to pack for Seattle in the fall:

  • long sleeve tops
  • jeans
  • raincoat – the one I brought was thin so this time of year you don’t need anything really heavy. Having boot socks, a scarf, and a long sleeve top helps keep you warm enough.
  • comfortable shoes – you will do a lot of walking so bring flat boots, sneakers, booties, etc. I didn’t bring any cute sandals – just my Birkenstocks for playing with Luke at the park or walking around our AirBnB.
  • long sleeve dresses
  • tights to go under a skirt or dress – these help to keep you warm but are also a cute fall accessory.
  • boot socks for tall boots
  • some people take an umbrella but we didn’t. The rain was very light so we didn’t feel like we needed one. But if you have a compact one that’s easy to carry around, then definitely take it.
  • sweaters – these are nice because they take very little styling and look great with leggings.
  • leggings to wear with a sweater or for comfort on the airplane
  • hat – I took a baseball cap and a beanie
  • large scarf – these double as a blanket when you’re cold or having a picnic, a pillow on a plane or in the car, a sling for a baby, a rag if you spill something, a rope if you need one LOL

I also wrote a Seattle travel guide that includes the prices and tips on where to go and what to see!!

If you have your own travel packing tips – let me know!



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