jord cassia watch

My First Quality Timepiece – A Jord Wood Watch (+ 5 Reasons Why I’m Loving It)

jord cassia watch

My First Quality Timepiece Is Important To Me:

I’ve always wanted to have that classic accessory that not only matches everything, but is also made with such quality and unique designs, that you can’t help but want to pass it down through the ages. I remember my grandmother wearing a watch every single day and how it added a sense of sophistication to her – that’s the kind of accessory I’m talking about. When Jord Wooden Watches contacted me for a collaboration, I was immediately taken with the unique watches and timeless design of the natural wood so I chose the Cassia in Olive & Aegean Blue. This was my piece – the accessory I had been wanting to own that would forever be in style and appreciated for the craftsmanship with which it was created. Plus I have never owned a timepiece of this quality and uniqueness before – so you can imagine how excited I was when it arrived in the mail. Brandon and I both oohed and ahhed when we opened the box! (Side note: The beautiful packaging and fast delivery left me very impressed with the Jord Watches company altogether.) So after having worn it on vacation for the past week and getting a feel for styling and using my new watch, here are 5 reasons why I’m loving it.

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5 Reasons Why I’m Loving It:

1.) Quality + Craftsmanship

When I said Brandon and I oohed and ahhed when we opened the box, it’s because we were both taken aback by not only how nicely presented the watch was – nestled in a cedar dresser box (that also has a tiny drawer for rings and such) – but also the precision and care it took to make it. Each of the links in the watch band and the case show the natural grain of the olive wood set against the sea-colored Aegean blue of the face. It looks expensive and you can tell it was crafted with quality instruments and materials. That’s one reason it is timeless! (Pun included! LOL)

jord cassia watch

2.) Bohemian Design

I’m all about natural, earthy, and renewable. My family calls me a hippie all the time, so the Bohemian design of this accessory definitely fits my personal style and personality. I love that they didn’t stain this particular wood grain but kept it the light, blondeish color of it’s nature. The light wood set against the dark blue face is stunning! Also, living in Arizona, the heat keeps us Phoenicians in flowy, summery clothes for most of the year. (Click here to see what I mean!) This color combo and the earthy look of the wood will definitely be stylish year round. I like how Jord puts it, “wrist watches for women need to be more than a timepiece, they have to function as a piece of jewelry.” I think their designs definitely uphold this sentiment!

jord cassia watch

3.) Simpler Times

While the Jord Wooden Watches – and this Cassia style that I chose in particular – double as jewelry, they also serve a specific purpose. We hiked the mountains of Seattle last week and were without cell service. I left my phone in the car because it was relatively useless, so I happily used my watch to keep an eye on the time. It sounds silly to say that because these days we rely so heavily on our phones for everything but it was nice to use the mechanics on my wrist. Not only was my new watch convenient and easily accessible, I wasn’t asking someone else for the time like I normally do when I don’t have my phone. I didn’t know what I was missing by not having a watch as part of my everyday accessories. It’s the simple things!

jord cassia watch

4.) It’s Customizable

Jord offers a nice engraving service when ordering your watch, and I think it is so lovely to have your initials or a sweet sentiment on your jewelry! It makes it special and unique to the owner and is a piece of history when passed down. I have a ring from my great grandfather that has his initials and the date 1929 engraved inside. I love stuff like that! Plus, it is so convenient to have your watch engraved at the source instead of trusting it to a company who may not be familiar with wood engraving. Also, you can engrave something on the cedar box your watch comes in!

jord cassia watch

5.) Uniqueness

A Jord Watch makes for a great gift – either to yourself or a loved one! The designs are so unique from anything I’ve ever seen so you know the person receiving it is going to be blown away. I never keep items in their original boxes but my watch has gone from my wrist to it’s cedar dresser box because it feels special – not like your run-of-the-mill base metal watches. Along those lines though, they still offer the styles that are fashionable with their unique twist, like the large face and skinny band for women or large face and thick band for men’s watches. Having a watch made from wood really is an eye-catcher!

jord cassia watch

I want to say thank you to Jord Watches for sponsoring this post and although the timepiece was a gift, this is 100% my honest opinion and review!


Jord has been so amazing in offering my blog readers and Instagram followers the chance to win $100 towards a Jord Wood Watch of their own. Click HERE to enter. One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth 10% off once the contest is over!

To Shop:

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The Cassia Style

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Tell me what you think! Would you wear a wood watch?

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