Ashtonbee Baby/Toddler Products

I’m a sucker for some great baby and toddler products! Every time I go shopping with the intention of getting myself something at the store (or online), it usually ends up that Luke gets a cart full of stuff he didn’t even want. LOL I know other moms can relate! I find so many things that I can use in our day-to-day – like these stackable bowls – or that are fun toys or momentos. And don’t get me started on the adorable clothes I can’t stop buying!

So when Ashtonbee baby products asked to collaborate with me, I was pretty quick to accept! They are on AMAZON PRIME (*raises hands to the heavens*); which means they get to your door in less time than it takes for you to checkout at other online retailers, and they have a large selection of items you can use every single day! I use the Baby Bowls with Suction ($14) for each outing where I need packed snacks or for road trips because the lids are tight and they can suction to a surface. The quality is superior to the other set I have from a popular department store!

I also chose this adorable Height Growth Chart for Kids ($10)! My nieces and nephews have these hanging in their rooms and it’s so cute to see their little names and ages grow – I wanted that for Luke too. My favorite part of this one from Ashtonbee is that it is a cloth-type material so it is lightweight and rolls up for easy storage! I love that it is like a tapestry you hang on the wall – easy to transport to different rooms of the house and only requires a push pin to hang. So easy!

Whether shopping for your little one or a friend’s baby shower (or little one’s birthday party – they have a perfect mini scooter!), I think this is the easiest way to go. Plus, their products are super affordable! I mean, they have a 5-pack of baby teethers for only $15!!

Keep reading to the end to see what I just bought!!

Tippy toes helps when you're hoping to be a little bit taller than last week!

Road trip essentials!



These silicone sippy-cup lids are on their way to my house!! I NEED these for how clumsy Luke is with an open cup and for all those sippy lids that disappear. Plus they were only $13 for a 5-pack!

*This is a sponsored post. Thank you, Ashtonbee for the gifts!

Follow them on Instagram: @ashtonbeeofficial

Let me know if you check them out!

xoxo, Amy


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