Family Vacation – La Jolla, CA

Family vacation to La Jolla, California! Here’s a little picture recap from one of our family vacations this summer. We went to the beach a few times, swam in the ocean at Children’s Beach (a small beach with no direct waves so the kiddos can swim and play without getting pushed over!), went to the San Diego Zoo (a must-do for anyone visiting SD or a surrounding area), explored some tide pools, and ate a lot of delicious food! It was kind of funny because at first, this weekend trip was just supposed to be me, Luke, and my in-laws (mother in law and brother in law) while Brandon was out of town on a work trip, but his trip got canceled so we made it a family affair! I’m so glad we did; anytime at the beach together is my favorite.


Some tips about La Jolla:

++ If you stay in La Jolla, most of the hotels are close to the beach so it is easy to book a room and walk or take a short ride. I checked AirBnB and there were a lot of beach houses on there as well.

++Some beaches are very rocky where you can see ocean tide-pools and others are calmer with a sandy beach and swimming. Look up Children’s Beach if you have little ones. It was amazing to not have to worry about the waves. Luke wore his floaty and bobbed around in the water with us.

++Look up Seal Beach – it’s a popular destination around there because the rocks are COVERED in seals. It’s really cool! We even had a seal swim up to the beach when we were on Children’s Beach. It quickly swam back to sea when it noticed all of us though.

++Do not play on the rocks in the water – or do so at your own risk. LOL I’m pretty clumsy and it always happens that I get hurt on vacation (I need to be more careful!), but I cut my foot pretty badly on one of the rocks I decided to climb that was sticking out of the water. Naturally, it was really slippery from the algae and the small waves were pushing me off balance. The lifeguard bandaged me all up though, which was nice!


Luke loved being our tour guide.






If you have any questions about vacationing in Southern California or La Jolla – let me know!


xo, Amy

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