Amazon Dress

Amazon Prime one-click ordering is dangerous. That’s how this dress showed up at my front door! When I first took it out of the package and tried it on, I noticed there was a lot of extra fabric and it looked very demure with the buttoned neckline. But, with a few tweaks I came to love it – I unbuttoned the top and wore a cami and unbuttoned the bottom to add a little more leg. That way it looks more youthful and flowey instead of drowning me in all the fabric! The color and floral print are heavenly though so I was determined to make it work!

I was thinking the other day about being intentional with my reason for doing little style posts like this. I want to explain what my motivation is and why I love to be out at the golden hour taking photos of my outfit. (Even if there is a man creepily watching from his backyard wondering what you’re doing at the end of a dead-end street. That happened for this shoot! I just told him we were taking a few pictures and he grumbled under his breath and walked away. LOL)

Anyways, back to the point. My intention is to show busy women, mothers, stay-at-home-moms especially, that looking your best does not have to be difficult or time consuming. I do very little styling when it comes to my outfits and rarely accessorize. I love my simple jewelry that I wear everyday and don’t have time to match my bag or add adornments. Before I had Luke I accessorized – now, it’s not important to me to spend time on it. What is important to me is looking put together and fashionable. It literally improves my mood and makes me my best self for the day! It’s like coffee! haha! Even when my family went up to a tiny city of 500 people in the northern Arizona mountains, I still packed and dressed according to how I felt in it instead of what was just the most comfortable. I’ll link that post here so you can see for yourself. I got quite a few stares from the townsfolk and my dad made fun of me – I thought I was dressed to fit in around there –  but I don’t care!

Looking your best – wearing something that is flattering and pretty, or comfy AND stylish (yes, that’s possible) can help you feel your best. And I know feeling my best makes me a better wife and mama! So I hope the next time you’re headed to lunch with a friend or even your kid’s activities, you reach for something that makes you feel beautiful. This dress definitely did that; plus it doubles as a fun tent for my son to play with, enough fabric to wipe a runny nose, loose enough to run around and play, an open top for breastfeeding, and when you sit on the floor to play toy cars you can cover your lap. Not to mention, when Brandon got home from work, I was already ready to go grab some dinner. Versatility for the win!

Shop the look: Dress




Shop the look: Dress

What’s your go-to clothing for a busy day?

I love dresses and rompers because they’re an easy all-in-one outfit!


xo, Amy


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