Flowers In Her Hair

I’ve really found a creative outlet on Instagram (@amythepro). I know that might sound cliche or silly, but it’s true. I follow a lot of creative people (I’ll list some of my favorites at the end) and they dedicate a lot of time to their craft. And I’ve found that I love doing that as well. Whether it’s creating content for my blog, inspiring women to look and feel their best (especially my other SAHMamas), or taking photos of floral braids; it’s been really fun!

On a whim, I did a dutch, side-braid in my hair a few weeks ago; then took some supermarket flowers that were on my kitchen counter and stuck them in my hair. We went to a nearby open spot of desert by my house and snapped some photos. I was kind of blown away with how pretty they turned out – the setting sun behind me and the bright colors of fresh blooms. So I did it again. And the photos were so well received on my Instagram that I want to make it a weekly thing.

I feel like I needed the reminder that it is so fun and freeing to create. Children are praised for their simple artwork all the time and yet as adults we forget to use our innate imagination in the same manner. Try it! Go and create something, whether it’s your best work or not – it doesn’t matter. Just using whatever resources are available to you, make something and then put it out in the world for others to see. It’s really a beautiful process. Adults forget how to have fun because they start caring what other people think of them. Well, when we begin to shed those layers of self-doubt or self-consciousness, other people respond surprisingly well to it. Now I can’t stop thinking of different hairstyles and flower combinations. It’s silly when you break it down but isn’t being silly what makes life so much fun?

Here are some of the shots.





I love this photo. It’s not the most flattering facial expression but I feel like it’s a portrait of a strong woman. One who is not afraid to be feminine or difficult or loving or genuine.


What do you think? What is your creative outlet? If you can’t think of one, I challenge you to find it.

As promised, here are some of my favorite (and inspiring) creative accounts on Instagram:

++ @chelseakauai – travel blogger and nature lover. she works to save the oceans and promotes caring for the earth. her photos are always magical. plus you can tell her heart is kind and humble.

++ @fittybritttty – health and wellness blogger. body positive. looks like me so i love to see myself represented in fashion/athletic clothing. leads a very active lifestyle and all around positive person.

++ @amberfillerup – my favorite blogger and probably my biggest inspiration in the fashion/motherhood blogging world. she is so down to earth, gorgeous, and taught me how to do a ton of beautiful hairstyles. when i saw how well she cared for her kids without worrying about every little thing (getting scraped knees, eating messy food, getting messy), it sealed the deal.

++ @sam_kolder – creative filmmaker and photo taker. traveler. his posts are crazy intense (jumping off bridges, out of airplanes, skydiving) and he is always in a new city. it’s like wanderlust meets extreme sports. can’t. look. away.

++ @thealisonshow – she encourages you to be unapologetically awesome. she’s always uplifting – even when she got hit by a car she somehow made everyone else feel like the road to recovery was paved with yellow bricks. she’s a shining light in this world and everything she does is colorful.

++ @tezzamb – talk about someone who oozes creativity and art. she’s a blogger/influencer who takes the most beautiful photos (thanks in large part to her talented photographer/hubby @cole_herrm). also her captions are witty and clever every time. she’s a musician, model, talented girl.

++ @noelledowning – body positive blogger who has a classic fashion sense. i love following her. she’s positive, she’s comfortable in her body and doesn’t apologize for being curvy. another person who represents me in the fashion world. all of her posts are carefully thought out and create a beautiful space on the internet.

++ @thesimplefolk_ – i really love following people who shine through their accounts. i know it’s the internet and you can’t believe everything but there are some who are so genuine, you just know they’re good people. that’s this mama. she has 3 littles and lives a very natural, minimal, kind lifestyle. her photos and stories are always beautiful little snapshots of life in good seasons and difficult seasons. she’s good for the soul.

Tell me your favorites so I can check them out!


Flowers in her hair,



P.S. I used a hair clip, flowers, and hot glue to create this hair piece. Only took about 5-10 minutes!


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