Striped Maxi Dress

For Brandon’s birthday he wanted to go to dinner at Steak 44 in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s one of the fanciest restaurants in town so I did some shopping beforehand and booked a room at The Saguaro hotel for the evening. The food was easily the tastiest meal either of us have eaten in a long time! We got the filet mignon, sweet potatoes, asparagus fries, drinks, deep fried deviled eggs, and a cinnamon banana on top of caramel gelato for dessert. My mouth is watering again just thinking about it! (Side note: Brandon’s friend asked if I was a foodie because I don’t like to drink that much. After typing that out, I think maybe I am! haha!) We also stayed at this adorable hotel in old town Scottsdale that has bright pops of color and cactus everywhere!! It was kind of like something out of a Southwest dream! I asked Bran to snap some photos while we were there, but he didn’t want to shoot in front of people, so we stuck to one unoccupied side that was a mix of pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples.

Mom hack: Need to get ready fast? Have a stash of maxi dresses in your closet. I threw this one in a duffel bag the day before, added some sandals, and a half-up hairdo and looked mostly put together! I don’t accessorize much because 1.) I’m a mom and don’t have time and 2.) I’m married to a man who gets hangry and wants to leave for breakfast so (again) I don’t have time. I know I’m not the only one! 

Outfit details: Marshall’s dress, Prada bag, Sunnies





Luke saw this picture and asked why I was sitting on the steps – “Someone is going to step on you, mommy!”
Busted out my Prada bag that I only use for special occasions because it’s so small.

Some other pics from our mini staycation:




Happy Birthday, Brandon!
The lobby of The Saguaro, Scottsdale.


Breakfast the next morning was at Freshly Squeezed, a breakfast and lunch spot in old town Scottsdale.

I think the festivities for his birthday have finally wound down after all of the celebrations from last week and the weekend. He usually makes fun of me for celebrating my birthday for an entire week! LOL But he’s the best guy I know, so he deserves it!

Do you ever take a vacation in your own state? We are doing it more often, and it’s so fun!


xoxo, Amy


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