Skinny Dipped Almonds

I think we can all agree that the best kind of food is one that tastes good and is actually healthy! #BESTOFBOTHWORLDS

So when Skinny Dipped sent me their dark chocolate covered almonds and claimed that they were a healthy snacking alternative to other options, I was skeptical. BUT after trying them, I can see why they are so popular! Guys!! They’re delicious! The perfect amount of sweet and salty without all the sugar of other brands! And Luke loves them…these photos are proof! I set up this little shoot to take a product shot and he kept reaching on the counter to eat them. LOL!

If you want to pick up a bag, they’re currently sold at Target or online at You can even buy them by the case!





Side note: Skinny Dipped was started by a mother/daughter team that noticed other chocolate covered nut companies coated their nuts with far too much chocolate – making the snack go from a healthy protein to one that is high in sugar. They sought a new way, where the chocolate coating is not only much thinner, but also dusted with a slight layer of cocoa.


xoxo, Amy



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