Strong + Curvy

I’m not a size 6 or 8 or even 10. Well, sometimes 10. Depends on the brand. But I’ve been an average 12 for the past 5 years or so. The number doesn’t make much of a difference to me – neither does the one on the scale. Do I have insecure days? Yup. But most every day I am in love with this body.

This body of mine has done some amazing things – and it loves some amazing people. Plus I am created and highly favored by the King of the universe. 

And so are you!

So, I’d rather spend my life loving a curvy frame than wishing I was something else.

Aside from a naturally positive self-image (thanks to my family for instilling that from a young age), I’ve found that working out makes me love my body even more. I haven’t lost a pound since I started exercising regularly; I don’t look any skinnier or smaller. But that’s not my goal, and it doesn’t have to be yours if you don’t want it to be. My goal is to feel strong, to gain some muscle definition, to feel capable and resilient. Working out has made my naturally strong legs more defined, erased most of the cellulite I acquired from pregnancy and not moving my body, given me stamina and a love for activity, made me clear-minded throughout the day, helped my acne, and given me an inner desire to MOVE this healthy bod even on my off days.

I never would’ve thought that [what feels like] torturing myself for an hour would have this kind of positive outcome. If a few days go by and I haven’t worked out, my body is literally itching to exercise/run/play. That’s amazing!

So, no.

You don’t have to exercise because other people make you feel insecure about the extra weight you carry or your reflection in the mirror is bigger than your friends’ or you want a certain size to fit. You can exercise because it feels good to feel good. Because an hour of discomfort brings 23 hours of strength and vitality. Because you love your body and want it to perform well. To get rid of the sluggishness. And for me personally, the way my husband compliments me and my son practices the same workouts he sees me do.

I’m not skinny. But why do I have to be? That’s what we should be asking ourselves.

I’m strong and curvy and capable. And for me that’s so much better!


**PS – I have a big bust (34G) and it is EXTREMELY hard to find sports bras that fit tightly around my waist/ribs but are big/supportive enough for my boobs. This NIKE sports bra is the only one I’ve found that does both! I’ll link it at the end! Worth every penny!!**



When your trainer says 10 more burpees…literally hate burpees with a passion!






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–Edited to add…

The greatest secret no one wants to tell you – because it doesn’t buy into a billion dollar industry of making you feel less than – is that you are a beautiful gem just the way you are. If your doc tells you to lose weight because it’s affecting your health – then you should be fighting to lose it. But if you’re healthy and strong and have a loving heart, then by all means BABE, accept that you are wonderfully made!

If it helps, look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself all of the things you love about your insecurities. As silly as it sounds, one of mine is my teeth (i have gaps). So I focus on what a smile means, how it makes people feel, how it makes me feel to be happy. Those things shouldn’t hide my gappy smile. In the grand scheme of things does a less-than-perfect smile even matter? Nope. Plus people always tell me they don’t even notice…I bet they don’t notice what you’re insecure about either. People notice you having carefree fun — joy is infectious and remarkable.

Be joyful!

xoxo, Amy

2 thoughts on “Strong + Curvy

  1. This woman is one heck of an Apostle. She preaches as well as lives God’s word. Her inspiration is to inspire YOU.
    So get out there and give this day your best!


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