Downtown FCUK Jumpsuit

Calm down. FCUK stands for French Connection UK and is a global clothing brand with statement and classic designs.

When Brandon and I were in Australia the weather was amazing most days – and other days it was warm and humid. So lets get #reallife for a second as I explain to you how I came across this jumpsuit. The humidity left you with a nice layer of constant perspiration dewiness. I love hot weather so I definitely wasn’t complaining, especially because we were surrounded by the sea and exploring around the Sydney Opera House and gardens. #BucketList HOWEVER, I had made a poor fashion choice and was wearing short shorts, sandals, and a white blouse. It’s pretty plain to see that I am of average build, and do not have a thigh gap, so I was getting the worst rubbing on my inner-thighs from all of the walking. Brandon was no help and thought I was being dramatic. But y’all, my legs were burning! LOL! So without his help, I went into the nearest store I could find that wasn’t chalked full of Australian-tourism tchotchkes and looked among the racks for something with pants. I wasn’t disappointed that it was a French Connection because most of their clothes are cute and their staff is super helpful. I checked a few price tags, raised my eyebrows at Brandon, and then quickly made my way to the sale items. This jumpsuit, along with a few others, were on sale for roughly $100AUD. I never pay that much for clothes…but I had no other choice, and I would have paid $200 if it meant I didn’t have to take another step in those shorts. So after trying a few on, this vertical-striped-amazingness was the most flattering and the most comfortable and the most stylish. To my pleasant surprise, when I told the gentleman who was helping me that this was the one, he said that he could drop the price to $89AUD (for no reason that I knew of).  What’s more is the exchange rate from AUD to USA was roughly 20% so I got this jumpsuit for something like $60! The rest of the day was gorgeous and fun and most importantly – comfortable! So shout-out to French Connection in Sydney for saving this curvy American girl’s vacation day. #JumpsuitsSaveLives





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Sunnies, Sandals

++++Fast forward 3 months and I’m still sporting this look for Father’s Day and some downtown Arizona murals. (How cool are these birds!)++++

So, if you were walking miles around Sydney, Australia with a fashion emergency would you have done the same thing?! I’d love to know!

Signing off for the sake of realness and swearing Brandon to secrecy about this embarrassing moment,








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