Resort Style + The Best Bodysuit Under $10!

When Brandon went on a work trip a few weeks back, I decided that Luke and I needed to have a little vacation too! I booked us a night at a local resort that has a lazy river and a water-slide. Best decision ever! (Shout out to my friend, Maddie, for joining us!). We swam ALL DAY LONG, ordered food at the pool, took naps, read books, watched movies, basked in the sun, floated down the lazy river, and went to dinner at the resort restaurant. Pretty much we didn’t have to leave to do anything and it was glorious. Need some TLC? Go book a staycation and take advantage of the resort’s amenities. #totalrelaxation

Brandon came home from his trip a little bit early so we picked him up from the airport and went back to the resort! The surrounding area was so pretty and perfect for pictures, and I just happened to be wearing THE BEST BODYSUIT UNDER $10!! After reading this, go straight to this Amazon link and purchase one for yourself. It’s form fitting, flattering, and won’t bunch up under your high-waisted clothes. I bought 2 but would have got more if they came in more than 2 different colors.




Shop the look: Bodysuit from Amazon, 
Skirt, Shoes, Hat

I hope you are enjoying your summer!!








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