The Perfect Dress For Any Occasion

Ladies, you need this dress!! Want something to wear to your cousin’s wedding but also your friend’s baby shower? What about a date night or as a cover up on the beach? The material is lightweight and the lace-up front provides a flirty element that you can dress up with wedges or down with sandals. To provide an hour glass shape, add a braided belt. It’s a definite #winwin kinda piece that will stretch your wardrobe! Plus you can eat a large meal and no one would know!

Scroll down for a shoppable link! IT’S ON SALE FOR $27!! I paid $55.

Luke has been up the past two nights with an outer ear infection (from all the swimming we’ve been doing!), so I feel like we are back in the newborn stage with how often he wakes up at night. Poor buddy just keeps crying and saying his ear hurts. But the funniest thing happened tonight when I administered his ear drops – he has to lie still for 5-10 minutes while the drops soak into his ear – and he fell asleep. He NEVER falls asleep without it being a designated nap time or bed time so Brandon and I just watched him snooze on the couch for about an hour. When he woke up he was fevering and lethargic so we had him rest with some juice and a movie. Next thing we know his fever broke and he went from zero energy/falling asleep to chasing the dogs, jumping to the ottoman from the couch, and eating a bowl of watermelon. Kids are so awesome how they just bounce right out of feeling bad within minutes. What a blessing the spirit of a child is – constantly making us smile even when they don’t feel their best.

Scraped knees and bare feet because our truck had gotten stuck in the desert sand and we were on all fours trying to dig it out. Also, I brought wedges for this dress and couldn’t wear them in the sand because I kept sinking. HAH!

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Shop the look: BILLABONG DRESS

Do you have a dress in your closet that you could wear for any event? If so, let me know what it is!

*Billabong Women's Just Like You Dress



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