ilymix Sunnies

Sunglasses are my favorite necessary-accessory, especially in this crazy-bright state I live in. So when ilymix (@ilymix) wanted to collab, of course I was on board; my last pair of sunglasses met it’s fate when Luke got ahold of them (insert kim-k cry face – they were RayBans). Quality wise, these are on par with frames you might find at Target so they are inexpensive and won’t break your heart when your kid snaps off one of the ear pieces.

They have a ton of trendy and polarized frames so I had the hardest time choosing these three:

If you like the 90’s skinny/tiny sunnies – they have those too. And if you buy them we can’t be friends. KIDDING! If you can rock those then you are ultra-chic!

A few other pairs that caught my eye:

Click on a photo to enlarge it and see the style name.

Go to to get your own pair and use code “AMYTHEPRO” at checkout for $15 off!


Which frames do you love?


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