Sheer Embroidered Blouse + Getting Stuck

If you follow me on Instagram (@amythepro) then you already read about our truck-stuck-in-the-sand debacle, but for the sake of this post I wanted to include it here too! Bran and I planned to go to this beautiful and lush green agriculture field we always see off of the freeway to shoot some content for my blog. It is nestled amongst the desert cactus and mesquite so it looks like an oasis in the desert. Once we drove to it though, we realized it is private property that is blocked by a padlocked gate. Instead, Bran decided to go through a sandy wash to get to a nice vantage point of some mountains and cactus. However, we don’t have a 4-wheel drive truck so we got stuck in the sand!! Like really stuck! Hands and knees digging out the tires stuck! LOL

Bran is not easily deterred though and we were determined to try to get unstuck by ourselves. Fast forward 2 and a half hours and we were still out there digging in the sand, finding flat wash-rocks, and using scrap wood to create a sturdy base for the wheels. After being covered in dirt and sweating through our clothes, I decided the SHOOT WILL GO ON! *Hair flip and boa tossed over shoulder.* I changed and we grabbed the camera to get a few shots of this beautiful mint skirt (that I got in Rome back in 2014) paired with an even more beautiful embroidered crop top.  Scroll for shoppable links!

I feel like a desert princess.

307603A0-5925-46C7-90B5-8AA83AA04164Processed with VSCO with e6 preset



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We eventually had to call for Brandon’s parents to pull us out in their 4×4 vehicle. But it was a fun time to spend tackling a challenge with my love – I told him it was preparation for when we audition for the Amazing Race one day!

Until our next adventure!


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