Mother’s Day

Brandon, my husband, says that I like Mother’s Day more than my birthday. When I asked him why he thought that, he said I didn’t do anything to earn my birthday, but I work hard all year as an at-home-mama so Mother’s Day is dedicated to recognizing 364-days of sacrifice. I love that! I also thought of it as kind of like Boss’s Day too (for stay-at-home-moms)! So, of course, I took full advantage.

Bran (as I call him) isn’t great at gift-giving – don’t worry he knows that too – so I make sure to communicate what I want. Some people may think that is weird or that it cheapens the gift, but for us it works really well! Too many times he would wait until the last minute because he didn’t know what to get me and then end up picking some random thing off of the shelf that I had no interest in. A few times it hurt my feelings because I would think, does he not know me well enough to find me a gift I’d love? When in reality he knows me better than anyone else! He just doesn’t think of gifts in that way – we all have our weaknesses. Hah!!

I was clear that I wanted the whole morning with just the three of us and that I wanted to sleep in! He spent those first early hours of Mother’s Day at the grocery store – Luke in tow – choosing things to make for breakfast, grabbing me a coffee, and picking out some flowers/balloons. Then when they got home, he did his best to keep Luke out of our room so I could keep sleeping. What he didn’t expect was that Luke would run in our room every 10 minutes or so and tell me all of the treats they bought at the store! It was so cute how excited he was for me to see my surprises! #meltmyheart

After breakfast, I opened my gifts from them. A week prior, Bran had taken Luke to Barnes & Noble to look for a gift. Luke picked out a Trolls adult coloring book and Bran found a novel in the genre that I love! I was touched at what a thoughtful gift it was, especially since it doubles as a relaxation time for me when I read on our patio in my hammock chair. Also, when I opened the new coloring book, Luke climbed up on the kitchen island and asked if we could color together. It was the best!

Processed with VSCO with q8 preset

Processed with VSCO with q8 preset


My beautiful Mama on Mother’s Day!


I love this dress because it’s flirty with the short length and lace shoulders, but still comfortable. Plus I think the color compliments me.


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I hope all you mamas, soon-to-be mamas, adoptive mamas, step-mamas, foster mamas, birth mamas, etc… had a wonderful Mother’s Day! And don’t forget, if you have something you’d love to do on a day dedicated to you, communicate that with the ones you love – I’m sure they want to make it special for you!














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