Bell Sleeves

When we were in Australia, our AirBnB host said the word “vibey” a lot. She meant the kind of feeling you got from a certain atmosphere – the vibe. Like the restaurant she was recommending had muted lighting, interesting decor, a long waiting list full of younger people’s reservations, and expensive food – it was vibey. That’s what I thought of when I saw these photos. There’s a mood in them, reminiscent of the 60s + 70s with the linen fabric, bell sleeves, high-waisted bottoms, and desaturated editing. Was I born in the wrong era? Because I’m diggin’ these carefree vibes.



Our beautiful Southwest foliage. But be careful – I stepped on one of the spiny buds this guy drops and spent the first part of these photos picking them out of my foot.





Tassel earrings instantly make every outfit go from casual to chic. Plus they’re inexpensive and take two seconds to put on. win/win



Can we chat for a moment about being a mom, caring for tiny people, not taking time for ourselves, wanting to look good and feel good and get a few more minutes of sleep at the same time?

Do you ever feel a little pick-me-up when you look in the mirror after applying some makeup, crafting your hair into a manageable style, and putting on a flattering and stylish outfit? I do. I certainly most definitely do.

This whole put-together look (including makeup and messy bun) took me less than 30 minutes but allowed me the time I needed to be me. Having children can sometimes make it seem like us mamas lose a large piece of ourselves because we GIVE so much to them. Don’t get me wrong – we love to give it – but at the same time we must take some time to ourselves each day too.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, like you never get out of your yoga pants or pj’s, and your days are a constant revolution of picking up, cleaning up, and refereeing messes, take 30 minutes (turn on the TV if you need to distract them) and get ready for the day! It’s therapeutic and marks a start and end to our busy and love-filled mom life.

When you go shopping (or maybe this post is making you realize it’s been awhile since you shopped for yourself) buy pieces that don’t require a lot of added styling. Basics are an important part of the wardrobe – but you can also snag pieces (like this top) that are beautiful on their own. Statement pieces will make the getting ready process faster – which is what we all want! Plus, everything I post is affordable! #WINNING

Here are some statement pieces I found that will make you look like a mom whose got her shi** together (who am I kidding? none of us have our shi** together!):

Just imagine each of these pieces working beautifully with a black pencil skirt, overalls, high waisted shorts, skinny jeans, or distressed boyfriend jeans.


— Amy

P.S. I think this is a face I make all too often at my husband because he’s always saying crazy stuff to get a rise out of me!







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