Zoo Day

We celebrated some nice AZ weather with a trip to the zoo! It was me, my sister, and one of our closest friends. Between the three of us we had 5 toddlers and 1 baby!

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Still not over how cute this is! He was so sweet and loved the petting zoo. He laughed hysterically when the goats tried to eat his shirt, hugged the alpacas, fed the baby deer, and thought the goat’s tails were so funny!

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This baby goat wouldn’t stop eating my hair!

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Luke struggled quite a bit at the beginning of the zoo trip because of the boundaries we had to set. He wanted to play games (that weren’t actually games) and run everywhere, and after a few “no’s” he was pretty much in full meltdown mode. But he seemed to mellow out as the day went on and was back to his well-behaved self before we left. He is usually so easy I didn’t really know what to do with the tantrums. #firsttimemomlife

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Me, one of our very best friends, and my sister!

Five things I loved from the day:

1.) Girl talk. Whenever we get together (which is fairly often) we talk and laugh and tell stories in between baby wrangling.

2.) We all three parent so similarly. And we feel comfortable correcting each other’s kids. This makes for an easy day out and about – cause that means each child is watched after really well.

3.) The exercise that naturally comes with walking around the zoo all day. Burned some calories and didn’t even know it! And how much the kids LOVED being out of the stroller and just running – open spaces!

4.) How the little one’s faces lit up at the fish, lizards, tortoises, and snakes!! I never would have thought. But I think because the enclosures for the reptiles are so easy for the kids to see and get up close, they enjoyed those ones more. The lions, bears, and other larger animals are always far away from the fence.

5.) 5 little voices asking to be picked up at the habitats that had higher fences. Or when they would climb up on the fence a little bit to see. It’s so sweet to remember how things may look from their height because we live in a world designed so much for adults. I loved being their little hoist for a better view!

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xoxo, Amy

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