Weekend Highlights – 5K, Wedding, Church

The weekend was busy, fun, and full of family time. Just how I like it!

Friday night we attended a wedding, then drove home bright and early on Saturday morning so I could run in my first 5k, and finished Saturday with a date night (Single Player One was incredible!). On Sunday we went to church and then lunch with Brandon’s family, and finally over to my parent’s house for Sunday family dinner. Here are some shots from the weekend:

Mother's Day 5k with Mom + Sis
This was my first 5k and first time I ever participated in a running event. It wasn’t easy but the sense of accomplishment from finishing and setting my own personal record of a 9 minute mile-time was pretty amazing!
Brandon and Luke were waiting for me near the finish line. I remember seeing them and hearing them cheer me on, then Luke wiggled out of Brandon’s arms and ran the final stretch to the finish line with me. All of the mamas who were at the race melted at seeing him congratulate his mama and run into my arms on the other side of the finish line.
Steve + Aunt Vickie's Wedding
It was a beautiful evening for Brandon’s aunt’s wedding. I went shopping for Luke’s outfit the same day as the wedding and then got him ready. Bran met us at the venue since he went straight from work. Luke didn’t nap that day but he was still such a good boy – especially because we kept him up 3 hours past his bedtime. We had a wonderful time with family and celebrating Steve and Aunt Vickie’s happiness! I’m so glad we got a family picture!
Luke, 2 1/2 - Looking so grown up!
We are so proud of this little man. Everywhere we go people are quick to compliment him on something. We are immeasurably blessed by him!

Luke’s Outfit: Shirt // Pants // Shoes (similar)

On our way to church – one of the most peaceful and relaxing times in the week. Thank you God for this view! Luke talks about playing with his friends, singing to Jesus, dancing, playing with bubbles, and snacks. We love sending him off to Sunday School and taking in the service together.

I am excited to have this space where I can look back at my family’s memories and photos! I have always loved curating the moments we spend together!

Have an amazing week!!




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