Dressing The Bump – A Guide to Pregnancy Style Must Haves

You know one of the coolest things? People asking how you have done something so they can try it too! Every time someone asks me how I did a braid in my hair or where I got a blouse or dress, I get really excited to help them achieve the look too – or something close! I really need to be a personal shopper!

Anyways, I have had requests from soon-to-be-mamas about where I am shopping for maternity clothes or how I achieve a certain look. So, with them in mind, I decided to write up a little guide of where I am doing the majority of my shopping and how I have been able to re-purpose pieces that were already in my closet. As I don’t have an endless budget, the pieces I’ve bought are also affordable! Win/Win!

If you haven’t noticed from my increased amount of Instagram posts, this baby bump has become quite the accessory and I love to accentuate it when I can. So check out these really high-quality mirror selfies of my #bumpstyle!

I’ll include tags where everything is from and then below the pictures will be a write up of what I deem to be essential pieces in my maternity wardrobe. Exciting stuff, I know!!


Top: Victoria’s Secret Pink Pants: Old/ Non-maternity using the hair-tie trick Shoes: Forever 21


White Top: Heavenly Couture Shorts: Old/ Non-Maternity held up with Belly Band Lucky Brand Wedges: Ross Aviators: Heavenly Couture


Top: Victoria’s Secret Pink Maternity Skinny Jeans: Target Sandals: Target Sunnies: RayBan


Top: White T-Shirt Non-Maternity/Old, Chambray Button Down from Target Maternity Skinny Jeans: Target Wedges: Target Headband: Old


White Capris: Non-Maternity held up with Belly Band (not zipped) Pink/Orange Blouse: Nordstrom Rack


Maxi Dress: Three Bird Nest Boutique Chambray Button Down: Target Braided Leather Belt: JC Penney


Black and White Stripe Dress: Three Bird Nest Boutique Brown Bow Belt: Target Lucky Brand Wedges: Ross


Mint Maxi Skirt: From Italy (see prev posts) Rhinestone T-Shirt: Old/ Forever 21


Pink T: Old and just barely fits my belly Black and White Pencil Skirt: Victoria’s Secret Pink White Tennies: Target


Flannel Inspired Button Down: Cotton On Navy Ribbon Belt: Old Maternity Skinny Jeans: Target Wedges: Target


Nautical Style Maxi Dress: Ross Sandals: Ross Steve Madden Fedora: Nordstrom Rack


Black Tank: Target White Maternity Shorts: Motherhood (the only place with maternity shorts I liked) Coral and Gray Sneakers: Nike


Pink See-Through Paneled Blouse/T-Shirt: Nordstrom Rack Lace Edged Shorts: Target (held up with Belly Band – not zipped) Blush/Ivory Sneakers: Reef


Plain Black T-Shirt: Target Maternity Skinny Jeans: Target Black and White Sneakers: Reebok


Red Dress: JC Penney Black Belt: JC Penney   Black Heels: JC Penney

Pregnancy Style Must Haves + Where to Find Them

Anything in CAPS is what I bought at that specific store and wear often.

Target: MATERNITY SKINNY JEANS (I loved the dark wash so much I bought two pairs), comfy T-Shirt Dresses, BELLY BANDS in White or Black, Maternity Leggings (can be see through), BELTS for your waist!

Ross: Maternity Jeans/CAPRIS/Shorts – most variety but smallest selection, CUTE MATERNITY TOPS if you like flowy-er options, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings

Old Navy: Maxi Dresses, Everyday T-SHIRTS!, Cotton T-Shirt Dresses, Maternity Jeans, Maxi Skirts

Motherhood: Pretty much everything for pregnant mamas but a pricey option. Often has sales. CUTE SHORTS!, SPANX!*, WORKOUT SHORTS!, Belly Bands, Swimwear, Accessories, Maternity Jeans/Capris, Leggings, Dresses in all different kinds, Lingerie, Nursing Bras, Activewear

Cotton On/ Forever 21/ H&M: DRESSES that are tight or loose, Flowy Shirts, Kimonos, STRETCHY PENCIL SKIRTS (Jersey Knit Fabric)

Online Boutiques: Great for DRESSES. I have bought 6 dresses from Three Bird Nest that stretch over my belly and remain tight everywhere else. I only shop with them when they are having sales, which they usually post on Instagram. I usually buy a large but on one dress I ordered I should have gotten a medium. This is where the BELTS come into play because you can make your bump look really prominent by cinching one under your boobs.

Repurposing what you already own: This will make your buck stretch the furthest!

  • Anything stretchy that can fit over your growing belly.
  • Jeans and Shorts can be worn with the belly band for quite some time, which expands your wardrobe. Just keep your jeans completely unzipped and the belly band acts like a tight undershirt – hides the zipper being open and keeps jeans up.
  • Blouses that are too flowy to show off your bump can be worn under tight pencil skirts. Be sure to have the pencil skirt pulled up under your boobs and then the blouse is tucked in. Just getting a plain black, stretchy, pencil skirt can allow you to wear a lot more blouses. I also have a black maxi skirt that I tuck blouses into and pull up over my bump.
  • Put a solid colored t-shirt over your maxi dress and make it look like a maxi skirt.
  • Flowy blouses that you can cinch with one of the belts you buy.

Belts: I have bought a few different “styles” of belts and in different colors – all from Target. The boho style belt that is braided has been used the most often. I also used a ribbon style belt to cinch a button down shirt that was not maternity.

o   Boho Braided Leather Tassle Belt – maxi dresses, most tops that are white or flowy, flannel button downs

o   Nude colored skinny belt – black and white striped tight dress, a “classier” outfit

o   Gold glitter skinny belt – for the fun outfits, any solid colored dress or blouse. Goes well with polk-a-dots and chambray.

o   Brown faux leather skinny belt with a bow clasp – worn with a black and white striped dress, any brown flowy tops, structured dresses in neutral colors

o   Turquoise skinny belt – much like the glitter skinny belt, good pop of color with black and white

o   Black/Classy Skinny Belt – perfect to pair with red or black and white. I wear mine the most with a red cocktail style dress. Works well with pencil skirts too.

**I bought a pregnancy Spanx/Shaper that is tight on my belly and hides my cellulite. I wear this allll the time! It helps when I am wearing tight dresses or skirts that accentuate my bump. Plus, I like when things are tight on my belly and I can wear it comfortably all day long. The best part is it just makes you feel like your body is tighter/more toned than it is and helps you not feel like you gained excess weight. Another plus – they get rid of the see-through struggle with maxi dresses and maxi skirts that are made with thin material. Buy one; you won’t regret it! Unless you don’t like to wear tight undergarments.

Let me know if this helped or if you have any questions!

Only 3 more months left until we get to meet our little guy!!




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