Dress Up – A Stylized Photo Shoot

A few weeks back I got the chance to play dress up.

My friend, Tiffany, (for the local peeps I will include her info at the bottom) has started doing stylized shoots with her friend and photographer, Tammy (I’ll link her info too!) to showcase both of their work. Tiffany is a cosmetologist and not only sculpted the beautiful hair masterpieces but also applied our makeup as well!

So, when she asked for me to be one of the models in their first shoot, I wasn’t going to say no. What girly girl wouldn’t want to get dolled up and have her picture taken?

The mood board was an eclectic mix of cowgirl, braids, boots, nature, flowers, and pretty dresses. The other model is Maddy, and although several years younger than me, her sweet and outgoing personality made it easy to act like best friends.

As this is my first time in front of a camera for any purpose other than my own (wedding, birthdays, blogging) I realized that “modeling” is actually a lot harder than it looks. Holding poses, exposing certain body parts to create angles and symmetry, looking here looking there, chin up chin down, smile with your eyes, half smile with your lips, teeth, no teeth, hip out, turn sideways, laugh, pretend your besties having a conversation, look serious, look happy, just look in general…Whew! It was fun too – don’t let me fool you!

Now, I gotta go perfect my smeyes (smize?) because my face looks frozen in the same serious/deer in headlights through most of the pictures.











Tiffany Lobdell

Splitt Enzz Salon.

Hair by Tiffany Lobdell on Facebook

91st and Union Hills Drive in Peoria, Arizona.

Contact: 623-533-5161


Tammy Zelez Photography

Check out her blog here.

Family, Seniors, Engagement, Maternity, Modeling

Contact: (602) 402-0043.



Apologies for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks. Life has been moving so fast I can barely see the laundry piling up around my house.

I mean of course I can see it. I have to choose my outfits from baskets of clothes not so strategically strewn around my living room. But a girl’s gotta make time for her priorities, and chores aren’t on that list.




2 thoughts on “Dress Up – A Stylized Photo Shoot

  1. You guys look great!!
    I didn’t realize how much work modeling is either but you two beauties pulled it off without leaving us none the wiser!
    Also, I really like you outfits. Out there with all that dust and your flower crowns, in your cute lil cowgirl boots, fucking love it!!
    I wish I were closer so we could play dress up and shoot too 🙂


  2. I would love that!! We could be in the Winter wonderland that is Boston and then head over to the Spring sunsets in AZ! Ugh, I need some flyer miles! lol
    Sad to admit that I was actually exhausted after this shoot. But then again, it was tons of fun too!
    I love the look of your shoots, girl! I really need to invest in one of those industrial walls you have goin’ on!


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