High Five

So 2014 is coming to a close, and as we say au revoir in preparation for 2015’s debut on Thursday, here is my list of highs and lows throughout an incredible year:

1.) I’m going to be that girl and say that another year with my beloved has made the top of the list. 2014 was 8 years together. He makes me fall in love with him every damn day.

2.) Getting to travel throughout Europe for two weeks with my mom and my sister. We were the Three Musketeers in a foreign land and no other vacation will ever compare.

3.) My niece, Ava (Avy Baby, Aves, Ava Girl) was born. She is my precious little angel girl, and in my mind my sis and I share joint custody. (This list is not in any specific order.)

4.) Health and wealth. I think I was sick like twice. How awesome is that! I’m a terrible sick person. Also, the health of my family/friends makes the list, because when they are happy, I am happy! 🙂 Wealth…hah! I’m just glad that I was employed and rockin’ this thing called adulthood.

5.) This little bloggy blog. Writing is my passion. I don’t do it nearly as much as I should…quiet places are hard to come by in my family, and I don’t often seek them out either. But, the reaction I have received to this space where I share my love for fashion/accessories/being girly and the swirling thoughts in my mind has been very rewarding. The encouragement I get is invigorating! 🙂 If you’re reading this, thank you.

There were a million other moments in 2014 that were happy, happy, happy (let’s take Brandon’s graduation for one) but that is because any of the moments in the past 365 days were exactly what we made them. There were lows, of course, but not any that stick out to me, and therefore, not deserving of a place on the list. Each year I hope that I can remember the highs and when the lows add up, turn those into highs as well!

Disclaimer: This outfit is not what I am wearing on New Year’s Eve to all of the beautiful parties, or what I wanted to wear either. It is just a look that incorporates some basic neutrals (leopard/cheetah print is now a neutral) and a fun splash of hot pinkness. If I were attending a New Year’s party, which I’m not because I am going to the dunes, I would be wearing something slathered in sequins with my feather jacket. In other words, I’d look like a drag queen and I would love it!



IMG_6422 IMG_6420




I hope all of you can reflect on the past year and find a reason to smile, and look ahead to 2015 with the intention of smiling as well. I love life so much, and I can’t wait to start building my highs for 2015! God is good!


Skinny jeans are Levi’s (535 Jeggings) <> Booties from JC Penney (similar) <> Leopard Blazer from Plato’s Closet (similar) <> Aviator’s are Ted Baker Nordstrom Rack <> Purse is Kate Spade <> Pink Trench Coat from Ross (ASOS similar)

If you happen to have a pink trench coat that you don’t wear that often, just know that it goes perfectly with that black and white and jean ensemble!

Cheers to a New Year!

I love you all!


4 thoughts on “High Five

  1. Cheers to the New Year beautiful!
    From reading this, you had a pretty remarkable year and who better deserving that you?

    NYE in the dunes, that’s sounds so badASS!!
    Thank God I’m following you on Instajizzle 😀

    Happy New Year beautiful woman 🙂


    1. YOU deserve nothing short of a fabulous year!! I hope 2015 is everything you dream it will be! 🙂
      Any resolutions? I don’t make any because I know I’ll break them the second January is over!
      The dunes were awesome and terrifying. And I had zero service, so Insta was somewhat neglected! Your comment made me smile though, because I have this unhealthy love for Insta, and I couldn’t wait to show you my trip!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I don’t do the resolution thing either but I did make the commitment of listening more.
        That’s what I need to work on this year. So that I don’t keep losing my temper /mind 😊😊
        Looking forward to seeing you blossom in 2015!! ğŸŽ‰ ğŸŽ‰


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