A European Holiday – Lookbook + Packing Tips

Back in March, I went on the trip of my life.

For a late graduation gift, my parents gifted my sister and I with a European holiday, and it was magnificent. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

We visited Rome, Venice, Verona,  Lucerne (Switzerland), Paris, and London.

I was told that I had to fit two weeks’ worth of clothes and shoes in one large piece of luggage without exceeding 50 pounds. No one believed that I could do it, especially after seeing this picture of what I had laid out to take:


But I did! And I was happy with my strategic choices because I could wear a new look for each city.

Here’s a breakdown of the essentials that I packed:

— Coats/Jackets – I brought at least 4 and bought 1 in Paris. There was 1 faux leather bomber jacket, a pink rain-slick trench, a black double-breasted coat, and a sweater. The one I bought in Paris was a navy, puffy coat, with a faux-fur trimmed hood.

— Pants/Leggings – Skinny jeans are so versatile. They were great for the daytime when we were walking around the cities and could transition to evening rather effortlessly. I felt the same way about leggings. Plus, they kept me warm. For leggings, I brought 1 pair of black and 1 pair of navy.

— Tops – This was probably the hardest for me. I was strategic in choosing tops that I liked and could be easily layered. The weather was chilly, so not only did I pack cardigans, but also three sweater-shirts. Blouses were essential; I chose a few of my favorite ones, and so were the tanks that go under them.

— Evening-ware – This wasn’t too difficult because my daytime outfits could easily be dressed up. However, I brought a polka-dot and tulle mini skirt to wear with tights and a black, skater-skirt; bought a long, mint skirt in Italy; and brought two dresses, which I think I wore one of.

— Shoes – Oh, shoes! For obvious reasons, the shoes were not only essential but quite hard to choose. They take up a lot of space and can add significant weight. I brought a pair of black, lace-up, short boots; tall, brown, faux-leather, flat boots; pink tennis shoes; black, wedged, versatile heels; the most comfortable pair of nude colored flats; and a few gladiator sandals, which I didn’t wear. I was not only comfortable after miles of walking, but also had an appropriate pair to choose for each outfit.

— Accessories – I think every fashionista would agree that the accessories complete the look. I brought three or four scarves, an ear-warmer for the cooler weather, headbands, minimal jewelry, one carry-all purse, knee-high socks, a woolen – cloche hat, and a braided belt for my waist that is basic enough to use for blouses as well as sweaters.

Take a look at what I wore in each city!

Rome: Exploring the Piazza del Popolo



Rome: The Vatican and The Colosseum


IMG_5167 IMG_5149 IMG_5333

Venice: A Gondola Ride Around the Floating City



Verona: Visiting Juliette’s Balcony


IMG_5786  IMG_5844

Lucerne: The Swiss Alps

IMG_6144 IMG_6068 IMG_6054

London: Harrod’s, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace


IMG_6935 IMG_7213  IMG_6970

I’m going to share my Paris look in a separate post because there are a lot more pictures!

Have you had a similar experience with packing and styling for an overseas trip?!




13 thoughts on “A European Holiday – Lookbook + Packing Tips

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline!! It was quite laborious to sort through 2000 pictures and find some that focused on what I was wearing. 😉 My family always makes bets that I will exceed the weight limit, and I surprise them every time! Lol It’s quite a fun little challenge!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Annie! It’s quite funny because when I was in Europe I wore a lot of bright colors, and most people were in black or brown, so there were a lot of stares! Lol


    1. Yayy!!
      Thanks Dana! 🙂
      The glow must have been from being on cloud nine the whole trip!
      Have you been traveling lately? I’d love to read about it!!


    1. Lena, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see what you would comment on this post! I find your feedback very refreshing because you always have a positive message that proves you are engaged or truly interested. So, thank you for your genuineness!!
      About that topper; my sister made fun of me because I brought that hat on a 10 hr plane ride and carried it from city to city until we arrived in London. It was quite a hassle because I refused to pack it in my luggage for fear of it getting creased. How silly, I am! 😉


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