Finding Fall

Let’s make this short and sweet. Bran and I have embarked on a mini grand adventure, so I don’t have much time.

There is a lot I’d like to talk about but I’m typing this on my phone, and my love is trying to have a conversation with me; I am attemptingimg to multitask and failing miserably. I read about a study that proved multitasking is actually impossible, but we will save that for another time. Welp, there goes the radio…

Seemingly 49 of the 50 U.S. states are transitioning to Fall. The basic white girl is squealing in pumpkin spice joy and a large crowd of girls and boys keep repeating “sweater weather!!” in anxious anticipation.

I live in the 50th state. Ya know, the one that is parodied for being uninhabitable, like living atop the sun, or the hometown of Beelzabub. That kind of figurative language must have been fashioned by non – natives because AZ is actually a wonderful place to live. It may be easier to get a sunburn, but the weather cools to perfection and there is year round sunshine and blue skies. For someone who loves vitamin D, I’m not complaining about my home state, but all those Pinterest snapshots of the typical Fall season are just not applicable. So when I wore this outfit for a shoot this weekend, I quickly changed out of it after the camera shutter had quieted.

Anywho, I love this combo of Fall colors (regardless of the current temperature) – purplish berry, mustard, tan and the newest neutral, leopard.






《 Berry Colored Pants and Felt Hat from Plato’s Closet ♢ Yellow Blouse from JCPenney ♢ Leopard Flats from Target 》

The other day, I heard on the radio that blind people have 4 times as many nightmares as seeing people. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that!



14 thoughts on “Finding Fall

    1. Hi Annie!
      Thank you so much! I live in Phx, Arizona. This is a sweet little park in a suburban neighborhood with green grass and lots of trees nestled amidst a desert!


    1. Lena, you always say the best things! Thank you!! ♡ You reminded me that I need to get back to Paris! Have you been?!


      1. Back in March! I think I’m going to do a travel style post to show what I wore while in Europe! We were in France, Italy, Switzerland, and England. It was definitely the trip of my life!


      2. Lena, you inspired me to get on that travel post ASAP! 🙂 Take a look if you’d like! I’ll post the Paris details tomorrow, but the other cities are up!


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