Cali Dreams

I dream of little beach towns often. To me, it is the best of any world. The beach, the ocean, the sunshine. The chill, wavy-hair-minimal-makeup-laid-back lifestyle. I feel free and small; like when you gaze at some grand, monumental wonder that only God can create. The ocean, for instance; so powerful, yet so serene at the same time. And then there is the sunshine warming your skin while the breeze cools it off. In those moments of lounging atop the sand, I feel like I’m being recharged; like I run on solar power.

So, it’s safe to say I enjoyed myself when Bran and I went to California two weeks back. We stayed in a Bed & Breakfast in Encinitas for two nights, and one in Coronado for two nights. Don’t get me started on how much I love a cozy B&B. Do yourself a favor and book one the next time you travel.


When I pack for our annual Cali vaca, my suitcase is full of loose-fitting, breezy, colorful pieces. It is no surprise, that this outfit would find itself along for a bike ride around Coronado Island. I still can’t get over how much I adore this fluorescent pink/orange (who really knows what color it is) kimono from H&M.

It feels like a dream. IMG_3318

On Coronado Island, there is a little alcove of beauty set amidst a suburban neighborhood. You can only stumble upon it, I’m sure, but once you have, you will visit it every time. The view is like an X-Acto knife cut perfect lines between two houses and then a postcard of San Diego bay was pasted in the empty space. Every time we have been there people are partaking in all kinds of leisure activities like picnics, bike rides, reading, using a camera to record the bay for hours to create a time lapse video, writing, kissing, and staring.


Braids are my fave. Flowers are too.


Kimono: H&M <> Crochet-Trim Shorts: Target <> White Sandals: Target (Also, styled here.) <> Owl Tank (Old) from Ross <> Ray Ban Sunnies

Bran was my photographer this time around, and for any of you who know a man who doesn’t like pictures (taking them or being in them) it was a struggle to even get a few shots. With that, I apologize for my moody look; I think I was trying to rush – and I felt out of my element without my sis’s encouragement… I still love you, Babe!


For the record, I think Heaven will have a dog beach… Too much happiness in one place!



P.S. I know everyone is gearing up their wardrobe for Fall, even dying their hair all shades of chestnut, but here in AZ we still have at least 3 more months of blouse weather…so if you see a sweater/scarf post, just know that I am sweating my ass off!

10 thoughts on “Cali Dreams

    1. You are the sweetest; thank you! I feel like I’m holding tightly to my summer wardrobe because I want summer to stay too! I bet Sweden is beautiful in the winter! Adore your blog, by the way!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lena!! I wish summer would stick around a little longer because I’m not ready to retire short dresses and trips to the beach.
      Oh, and that flower, I picked it as I zoomed past a Coronado mansion and almost fell into the street! I really have my priorities in order. Flowers > Personal Safety! Hahaa.


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