Daisy & Rae


I guess it’s about that time where I explain the meaning behind the name of my blog.

Actually, I was hoping I could ignore that post because I feel like the name originated from less than creative means. But, I’m not gonna worry about it.


I wanted something profound and clever. A creative play on words. Something that incorporates things that I love. So I started the less than enjoyable journey of creating a blog name. I say it wasn’t enjoyable because I’m indecisive and I put too much pressure on myself for silly things like this. After some brainstorming, I compiled a short list; three were perfect and the other were eh, alright.

I found a domain and entered my first choice. What do you mean someone already had it? Ok, I’ll try number two. Shit, this one too? Number three, my last hope at a name I liked, was in fact the property of another person in the blogging world! Why didn’t I junp on this bandwagon before it was so popular? And so it went for two days I entered in every name I could think of, so far as getting extremely vague and ridiculous. I started to think, did I really want my blog name to be Style Blaug?  Ha!


Of course, I would take a life lesson from The Beatles.  I let it be. Then, I tried a new angle.

What did I love?

The obvious list is easy: Jesus, Brandon, family, friends…my dogs.



No. I wanted something less real, less near and dear, but still a passion of mine. I made a list of things I liked. Those things you say you love but compared to the actual people you love are more apt to be likes.


I like literature, flowers, the color pink. I like when pink and gold are paired together because they remind me of a fairytale. I like to read. I like to write. I like to talk and to ask questions. I like to love and be friendly. I like shiny things like sequins and glitter. I like sunshine and the ocean. I like peonies and garden roses. I like to dance. I like to laugh. I like clothes and the fact that you can style them in a way that describes who you are before you even have to speak. I like the depth and beauty of The Great Gatsby.

There you have it.

Daisy. She is style, literature, and flowers in one.

Rae. My nickname that my sister calls me and I like. It is short for my middle name, Raelene. I feel like Rae is really me, because who knows you any better than your sister?

And well, Daisy + Rae wasn’t already taken. 😉

How does this relate to the outfit? Hell if I know! Let’s just say, I’m wearing a casual and modern take on Daisy Buchanan’s flapper-girl-headband-perfected-Gatsby-party era. A period in fashion’s history that I absolutely love.





4 thoughts on “Daisy & Rae

    1. Thank you! It is a quick DIY – just grab some pretty lace/decorative edging from the craft store, measure your head, cut, and adhere with fabric glue! 🙂 LOVE your blog~


  1. These photos are great! I love the one looking down from the branch, the one with the sun flaring up beside you, and the one on the bridge is especially phenomenal! Greta post, you write very well and you gave your blog name a deeper more “creative” meaning 🙂


    1. Thank you, Minami! My sis takes the pics and she has no photography experience but it seems that she gets better and better each shoot! I’ll pass on your compliments to her! 🙂
      The funny thing is when I started writing that post I felt like the name wasn’t creative at all, but when I broke it down it became more appealing to me! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! You are always so sweet! ♡


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